What to pack for a summer holiday

BBQs, warmer evenings and music festivals – summer is just around the corner! If you’re going away on holiday, now is the time to start thinking about which items of clothing you’ll be taking along.

Here are our four top tips on deciding on what to pack. Keep your holiday destination in mind – a relaxed beach holiday calls for casual, laid back styles, while a Caribbean cruise or a sightseeing tour would require a more polished look.

#1: Choose garments that are light, loose and comfortable

The number one rule when choosing what to pack for a holiday is to put comfort first. No matter how stylish you look, you won’t enjoy yourself if you’re constantly tugging at a too-tight dress or a scratchy collar. Opt for light, breathable garments that will keep you cool in the summer heat and don’t restrict your movement. Sleeves are always a good idea if you’re sightseeing – many popular tourist spots won’t allow bare arms.

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Beach holiday pick: The Capture Lace Tunic, Style Number: 106793. This is perfect for wearing on the beach, and it’s so beautiful you’ll probably want to pair it with a sarong and wear it into town too. It’s roomy, light and 100% cotton – perfect for staying cool on a hot day.

Trendy traveller pick: The Emerge Cotton Blouse (Style Number: 105159) is great for when you want to look polished without compromising on comfort. The mandarin collar is right on trend for this season, and you’ll love the handy front patch pockets. It’s 100% cotton and comes in a variety of colours – our personal pick is the blue print, which will hide any creases or mishaps!

#2: Look for iron-free fabrics that won’t crinkle

There’s nothing more irritating than carefully packing your clothes, only to arrive at your destination and finding every single one wrinkled! Unless you want to do ironing on holiday, it’s a good idea to look for fabrics that don’t crease easily.

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Beach holiday pick: For long beach walks and lounging around the holiday house, we love the Capture Panel Maxi Skirt, Style Number 106848. The fabric is a viscose/elastane blend – very resistant to wrinkles and easy to wear.

Trendy traveller pick: The Grace Hill Lace Layered Dress (Style Number 85884) has hundreds of 5 star reviews on our site and it’s obvious why. Not only is the soft layered lace very flattering on a variety of figures – it’s also light and uncrushable, meaning that no ironing is required. Just take it straight out of your suitcase and wear! It’s the perfect dress to wear to a fancy dinner on a cruise, or to an overseas wedding.

#3: Choose garments with an intentionally crinkled look

Another way to get around ironing on holiday is to choose fabrics that are actually meant to have the wrinkled and crinkled look. If you love wearing linen (which is notoriously prone to creasing) then this is a good way to get the best of both worlds.

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Beach holiday pick: The Capture Linen Crinkle Top (Style Number: 87966) has a crinkle finish, so it never requires ironing. We love the ruffle trim around the neck – very cute!

Trendy traveller pick: The Capture Crinkle Dress (Style Number: 103483) will take you from sightseeing to dinner with ease. It’s 100% cotton and has a crinkle finish, so there’s no need to ever iron it.

#4: Save space by choosing versatile “double duty” garments

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Take a few kgs off your luggage by choosing garments which can mix n match easily or be worn in several different ways. A good example would be soft cotton shorts that moonlight as pjs, or a sarong that can be worn as a skirt or a dress.

Laid back holiday: The Emerge 3 in 1 Dress (Style Number: 105378) is an amazing time and space saver. Made of an uncrushable viscose/elastane blend, this strapless dress folds over and can be worn three ways. On Day 1 it’s a long dress, on Day 2 it’s a skirt, and Day 3 it’s a short dress. We love the melon colour for a beach holiday – bright, fun and friendly!

Trendy traveller pick: The same 3 in 1 Dress as above, but in sophisticated black.  Just pair with a clutch and pearls and you’re ready for a night out.

What are your holiday wardrobe tips? Tell us in the comments below!

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