How to Wear Printed Pants

As a style coach, I love finding clothes for people that give them options. I’m always talking with my clients about how to choose VERSATILE pieces and they are often surprised at the items that end up being the most useful!

I find PRINTED PANTS one such item! They can be worn in so many different ways, so let’s have a look at how, with the help of EziBuy’s extensive catalogue, we can wear the one pair of these gorgeous (and comfortable and flattering) printed pants, three ways.

To Work

Now this does depend a little on your job, and the office dress code, but most companies are pretty casual these days. Even if you are in slightly more corporate arena, there is no reason for you not to wear these pants – just add some office-appropriate attire with them, like so…..

Printed pants_workSHOP THE LOOK: Capture blazer | Emerge statement pants (tropical print) | Lucy shopper bag | Grace Hill “new york” wedge

On the Weekend

This is probably the most obvious way to wear them, and it’s how I certainly wear my printed pants the most (oh, did I mention I’m OBSESSED with these?!). Printed pants are comfortable, easy to wear, and more importantly if you have kids, easy to move in and to WASH! Here’s how I would suggest giving them a go on the weekend……

Printed pants - play


SHOP THE LOOK: Emerge linen pocket tee | Emerge statement pants (tropical print) | Panama hat | Pull on sneakers.

On a Night Out

What a fun pair of pants to wear on a night out! Whether it’s a girls’ night out, a friend’s birthday or date night, you can dress these puppies up to the nines and feel comfortable (and eat as much as you like at the fancy restaurant) all night long. Here’s how I would try styling them for a night on the town……

Printed pants - out

SHOP THE LOOK: Grace Hill metallic drape top |  Emerge statement pants (tropical print) | tiered enamel necklace | Next high black sandals

STYLIST TIP: no matter where you are wearing them, keep the pants as the statement. Everything else you team them with should compliment, not compete with. Clean lines, classic shapes and similar colours will all work to keep the pants the point of interest.

See? Not as tricky as you thought, right? And it doesn’t have to be THESE printed pants that you try this with, there are plenty of others from EziBuy to give a go too.

Until Next Time,

Happy Shopping!

Cait xoxo


Caitlin is a Style Coach and Fashion Writer over on her website – check it out for most posts like this one.




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