New Year, New Basics

A new year, to me, calls for new beginnings. New Year’s resolutions, sure, but it’s also an excuse for new things that are less abstract. What better time than now to take stock of the basics you have in your life? Ditch your grey undies that used to be white. And what about the bra whose underwire digs in to your breastbone? The pajamas with holes in the butt?


Ezibuy sells tons of great basics, including some really nice packs from Next that don’t have five pairs of saggy, daggy undies in them. These three-packs of lace undies are cute and affordable, and don’t those shorts look comfortable? Now’s also a good time to double-check you’re wearing the right bra size. There are handy measuring tips under the ‘Size & Fit’ category of each item page.


While we’re talking basics, let’s talk about mascara. Mascara and lipstick are the two most-worn beauty products by women – even if you never wear anything else, chances are you’ll throw on a slick of mascara and lipstick before you run out the door. But did you know you’re meant to replace your mascara once every three months? The wet product inside the tube is a breeding ground for bacteria. I’m guilty of eking out my mascara for more than three months, I’m not going to lie. But if your tube is so worn that you can’t read the label, or you’re finding your eyes a little itchy after wearing makeup… it’s a good time to replace the mascara. Treat yourself!

Other makeup products have longer shelf-lives than mascara, but they still need replacing after a while. Liquid products like foundation and concealer will generally last you a year or 18 months before they need to go. In these cases, a change in texture or colour is a good indicator that you need to replace the product. Powder products like eyeshadow and blush will last the longest. I imagine many people reading this will have blushers dating back far longer than the three years you’re supposed to keep them. You can play it by ear, here, but like I said before, why not take the new year as a chance to treat yourself?


And at the other end of the day… sleepwear and bedding. I’m young enough that family members feel the need to give me sheet sets and blankets at Christmas every year. If you’re not so lucky, now is the time to check out your sheet situation. Bare patches? Stains? You’re better than that. I really like the Ezibuy Pure Cotton sheets because they come in such a wide range of colours.

As summer wanes I’m starting to think about new pajamas, too. The Next Foulard Jersey Pajamas are so gorgeous I could see myself trying to wear them during the day, too. The pajamas on the far left are the Next Charcoal Geo Print Pajamas – also gorgeous. I’m picturing myself all made up with new makeup, in a bed crisp with new sheets, in new pajamas and underwear…

Do you think the new year is a good excuse to refresh your wardrobe and beauty basics?

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