Mod Revival


The seasons are turning and I’m loving it, because it means it’s time for knitwear. Ezibuy is killing it with their knitwear this season and my favourite item of all is The Cape by Emerge. I mean, seriously. Look at it. That’s pure style.


I loved the way the cape has been styled with flared lashes and a voluminous ponytail. The whole look says ‘sixties mod’ to me, so I decided to channel the era with an easy look you can create at home.


This is my ‘before’ photo. I’ve included it to show that I’m not some perfect sixties beauty – just a regular old kiwi girl with lots of spots and patchy eyebrows.


The focus of the look is on the eyes. I didn’t want to fuss with false eyelashes, so instead I drew a generous line with liquid eyeliner and flared it at the outer corners. Instead of a single point, I winged the liner out with a feathery edge. This gives the impression of thick lashes at the outer corners of the eyes without dealing with glue and mess!


I also gave myself a deep side part and brushed my hair down so it flicked out at the ends. This is way more low maintenance than a bouffant ponytail, although I might try that another day when I have more time!

The Emerge Cape might not immediately strike you as a staple, but I can see it coming out of my wardrobe again and again this autumn and winter. Its lightweight knit means it’s not too heavy to wear inside, but the wool blend still keeps you warm. It’s black – so versatile – and the neat A-line shape channels the sixties mod look without being costumey.

What do you think? Will there be a cape in your wardrobe this winter?

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