Little Black Dress - perfect for any occasion and great to have ready in your wardrobe
Little Black Dress - perfect for any occasion and great to have ready in your wardrobe

The Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress - perfect for any occasion and great to have ready in your wardrobe
Little Black Dress – perfect for any occasion and great to have ready in your wardrobe

Do you generally refuse to pay full price? Can you find a gem in a shop full of sales racks? Do you scan the internet on the regular for the cheapest little black dress? If you’re saying yes, you’re probably a bargain hunter that tends to prefer quantity to quality. It might be hard to see the logic paying top dollar for clothing, when you know you can hit the bargain racks.

However, there is some logic however to buying investment pieces. These are the clothes that will see you through and help you out when you’re struggling to find anything else to wear. They’ll be with you for the long haul, through the ups and downs that fashion trends bring. However, one trend that’s always been at the top of the must haves list is the ‘little black dress’.

The little black dress is an absolute wardrobe staple. It’s a must have item for any woman wanting to look their best. It’s the type of dress that works on so many occasions that it almost wouldn’t matter if it were the only dress you owned. Whether you’re more of a knee length, mini or full-length person, there’s always an option to be found in the shops. When shopping for your ideal little black dress, there aren’t really any major strict rules. It can have sleeves or no sleeves. Dress it up or down. Serious or sexy! Your LBD can also be worn with a jacket and boots or to an evening affair with a great pair of pumps. What other dress can you do so much with?

When looking for a little black dress investment piece, it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide on exactly what will handle regular wear and wash. You also want to be sure that you’re choosing something that looks great now but will still be on trend as the years go by. If you think it’s time you invest in or update your wardrobe with a new little black dress, here are some things you might want to consider:

  • Think about your body shape and choose a style that flatters your body type.
  • Choose something that reflects your personal style, something that makes you feel attractive and confident.
  • A classic silhouette will ensure that your purchase is money well spent. If you’re going to invest, make it a timeless one.
  • Plan different accessories for day and night.
  • Go for a dress that will suit a number of occasions – is it something that you could make work for a party, a night out, a special dinner, an event such as a funeral or a work function?

Your investment pieces should always be classics, not something that you love for the moment, but will have changed your mind on by the end of the season. Make sure your investment offers enough of a canvas to be styled in a variety of different ways using accessories, hairstyles and footwear. Versatility is important if you want to get lots of wear out of something. It will also mean you’ll have more options when deciding on what to wear.

A carefully considered wardrobe means your clothing will move easily from work to weekend and day to evening. Although there will always be clothes that are ‘occasion specific’ such as yoga pants or perhaps just jeans and a tee. Every so often, life throws us an occasion that it’s nice to be prepared for. That way, when your calendar gets busy, the perfect dress is already hanging in your wardrobe.

A common concern with wearing the same dress over and over again is that people will remember the dress from one event to another. However it’s probably more likely that they’ll remember how fantastic you looked, and not what specific dress you were wearing. If they do remember your dress, take it as a compliment. Clearly, you made a fabulous decision.

Making the choice to invest in clothing that exceeds your usual budget boundaries will always need a little more consideration, but take your time with your decision and trust that it will be worth it. Hitting the shops week after week, buying bargain after bargain, often makes more of a dent in the wallet over a longer period of time. Purchasing a well-made item that you absolutely love and will wear again and again might just be the very investment that you need.

Have you found your favourite little black dress already?

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