Light Layers for Autumn

Layering is one of those skills that looks easier than it is don’t you think? It took me moving to New Zealand to really get the hang of it! (Queenslanders really don’t know how to layer!).

And with the cooler temperatures in Autumn just around the corner, now’s a great time to start thinking about how we are going to layer out way into the cold! Saying that, the sun is still out, and it’s still pretty warm by the middle of the day when the sun is its hottest, so LIGHT layers are an important ingredient in our Autumn outfits.

Lucky for us, EziBuy has a whole bunch of great light layers we can play with so I thought I’d put together a list of some of my favourites for you to peruse at your own leisure…..

The Capture Cape

EziBuy Capture cape


I LOVE a cape for Autumn – you can just throw it over almost any outfit for an extra bit of warm and interest. The cape is not as heavy as a coat, but can still keep you feeling snug as a bug in a rug if the temperature unexpectedly drops! (which it tends to do this time of year!).

What’s even better about this style, is that it’s looks great on everyone! Your shape and size doesn’t matter as it just drapes over your shoulders, and if black is not your colour, there’s a slightly softer grey option. Sounds perfect huh! CLICK HERE to buy.



EziBuy Emerge Zip Jacket


Once again, a great Autumn option rather than having to go head first into wearing a coat! The structure and shape of the jacket will give you a smart, professional look, plus keep you warm on your morning commute.

A flattering style for everyone this is! If you are bigger in the bust, the lack of lapels (the collar bits that come down the front of the jacket) stops extra bulk over your bust, and the cut accentuates your waist if you have one, (Hourglasses and Pears) or gives the illusion of a waist if you don’t (Apples and Columns).

Like the cape above, this stylish jacket is available in a gorgeous alternative to black, the olive green is the perfect colour to take your look towards Autumn.

Love the jacket? CLICK HERE to buy.


Capture Trim Ponte Pants.

EziBuy Ponte pants


Remember, layers don’t just have to be on the top! These ponte pants are a great layer to add a wee bit of warmth to your look without rugging up too much.

Ponte is just a thicker version of jersey, it has two way stretch, making it SUPER comfortable to wear, because it has STRUCTURE and STRETCH!

Whack on your ponte pants under a nice oversized top (like the one below) for an Autumn alternative to jeans and as it cools down even more, add your knee high boots and a coat – they really are the perfect layering pant – get these babies HERE!


Urban Oversized Top

EziBuy Urban Oversized top


This top is what light layers are ALL about! Perfect for over the ponte pants above. As it cools down, add a cami underneath like the girl in the picture above, and then when Winter creeps, add the Capture Cape over the top. The beauty of light layering, is that you can add a few layers on and off as the day heats up and cools down.

To make sure this top flatters your shape, make sure you are creating a VERTICAL line down your frame, once again, exactly how the lovely lass in the picture is doing it – with a longline necklace or scarf of some description.

Available in petrel, red and black, you can get this oversized top HERE.


Capture Cocoon Cardis

EziBuy cocoon cardis
BUY THEM HERE: Capture Merino Cocoon Cardigan | Capture Cocoon Cardigan


Last, but certainly not least, these cocoon cardis from Capture are great light layers! You’ll notice that they are a cardigan, with a shorter sleeve! What more could you want in a light layer!

Add them to a summer dress for a teeny bit more coverage and warmth now, and as it cools down some more, add the longer layers underneath. The cardi on the left is merino, SUCH a great fabric to wear in Autumn – it’s light but warm so you don’t need a big, heavy jacket or coat to keep the chills off.

If you do have a larger bust or wider shoulders, make sure, again, that you are creating those vertical lines down your body so as not to make you look too broad.


So there are just a few of my favourite options to start your light layering into Autumn – EziBuy have such a great range of light layers so make sure that you check them all out!

Until next time, Happy shopping!

Cait xoxo

Caitlin is a Style Coach and Fashion Writer over on her website – check it out for most posts like this one.

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