Winter Fashion Trends: How to wear Faux Fur

As the temperature throughout Australasia is dropping, you may be looking for ways to keep up with fashion trends without sacrificing on warmth. Fake fur is rapidly making a comeback for fashionistas. Wearing fake fur is a great way to add a touch of glamour to your outfit and can allow you to add texture without necessarily adding another pattern. Although not as warm as the real deal, it’s pretty close, and will keep the animal activists off your case.

How to wear Faux Fur

  • Vests: These will keep you toasty warm in all the right places. They can be paired with almost anything.
  • Hats: Adding a Russian-style faux fur hat to your outfit will instantly make you stand out, perfect for those really cold days.
  • Scarves: Apart from the real deal, there’s nothing warmer. They are also easy to add and remove from your outfit throughout the day.
  • Boot toppers: The best part about these is you don’t need to buy a whole new pair of boots. They can be placed on the top of your existing boots and bam – you’ve got an instant splash of faux fur.
  • Gloves or socks: These are usually not completely made of “fur” – just the trimming, but look great none the less.
  • Bags: If you’re not totally sold on the idea of wearing fake fur, a bag may be just the way to ease yourself into it.

Faux fur is it can be worn as just about any item of clothing or accessory, so don’t be afraid to be bold if you find something you like!

How to wear Faux Fur
How to wear Faux Fur

Grace Hill Women’s Faux Fur Coat (looks stunning and feels gorgeous!)

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