How to look taller

Some of us just aren’t as tall as we’d like to be. Instead of envying your taller friends, create the illusion of height with a few quick tips on what to wear and what not to wear for shorter statures.

Say no to capris and short shorts!
Keep the length of your shorts at mid-thigh to create the illusion of longer legs. Avoid short shorts which can make you look stumpy and Capri cut pants which seem to shorten your calf, making you look disproportionately short.

Throw on some high-heels
Though it may seem obvious, this is the quickest route to actually being taller! If you can’t beat them – cheat! Throw on some stilettos or wedges for instant height. You’ll also have the added bonus of more toned-looking legs.

Choose dark clothing
This doesn’t mean your style has to turn gothic, but darker colours make you look slimmer which naturally creates a taller look by changing the ratio of your body. Try dark reds, blues and greens if you don’t feel like going all black.

Wear long, slim shirts
Keeping it slim and long elongates your torso and draws attention to your neck for an especially tall look. Combine this with the right pants and your whole body will look longer and taller!

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