The Best How to Guide for Travelling in Style

The Best How to Guide for Travelling in Style
What will be in your travel pack?

Holidays are something we look forward to for months, the excitement about where we’ll end up, what we’ll get up to and the fabulous things that we’ll see keep us motivated until it’s time for the dreams of travelling in style to finally become reality.

Along with all of the excitement prior to our travels of course comes an immense amount of planning and preparation. Often, one of the most testing times before travel is figuring what we need to take on our journey. Of course, we need to make sure we are travelling in style!

To make things just a little more complicated, packing for a winter trip can pose a definite challenge. With a restricted amount of space in which to fit your big puffy jackets, your warm winter shoes and all those bulky pieces that seem to take up mountains of room, your luggage pile can start to grow before your eyes.

We could quite easily tell you not to pack too much and to dress in layers – but that’s all the stuff that you’ve heard a hundred times before. Instead, we’ve prepared a list of straightforward and simple things that should be considered before embarking on your winter adventure if you want to pack light, keep warm, but still look fabulous in your holiday snaps!

Hats and beanies

An absolute must to help you stay warm. The good thing about these is are that they actually don’t take up a lot of space. A good percentage of our body heat is lost though our head, so keeping our head toasty is super important when warmth is a factor. The other great thing about a hat, is that it allows you to easily change up your look, especially if you can pack a few different varieties.

A light fleece and a warm hat is often all you’ll need to get you through the cold in some situations. In order to ensure your travel hat is one that is practical for a number of situations, perhaps check the following – that it covers your ears, partly covers the back of your neck, and that it is made of thin yet modern materials for maximum warmth and comfort.

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Accessorising in the cold

It’s much easier to pack lighter with multiple accessories as opposed to multiple jackets and coats. Think of ways to accessorise when considering the outfits that you’ll wear. If all of your clothing items are in neutral or solid colours, it’s easier to mix and match them. Use your accessories as a way to change up outfits from day to day. It may be the same coat every day, but you can wear different hats, scarves and gloves to change up your look.


Shoes are always a tricky one when travelling. Because of the room they take up, it can feel a little limiting only packing one or two of your favourite pairs. Think about a shoe that will take you from day to night. Knee high boots are fabulous for this, worn over jeans or tights during the day, and paired with a dress for more formal eveningwear. Knee high boots are not only a great way to transform an outfit, but they also give a very different look depending on what they are styled with.

Pack your basics first

There are some items that need to be packed, regardless of the season. Think underwear, toiletries and the bits and pieces you just can’t live without. This is always a wise place to start when deciding what to bring, as once you’ve packed your basics, you’ll then have an idea of how much extra room you have for other seasonal items. Consider using packing cells to help keep your case or bag organised and neat.


Merino is renowned for its versatility. It’s warm and fashionable as well as lightweight and easy to pack. Merino is the secret to pulling off skinny jeans and boots in any kind of cold. It can basically be worn as an invisible layer of long underwear underneath. If you’re really headed to somewhere icy cold, ensure you bring at least one pair of thermal leggings, and a long-sleeved thermal top for necessary layering purposes.

Once you’ve put together your winter travel essentials, have another look over everything that you’ve packed. Ensure that what you’ve chosen allows you to mix and match pieces, and that you’ll be easily able to put different outfits together with a few key pieces.

Cute winter merinos! Lightweight and warm - perfect for travelling in style. Shop the Capture Merino Colour Block Tunic, Capture Merino Jumper and the Capture Merino Jumper
Cute winter merinos! Lightweight and warm – perfect for travelling in style. Shop the Capture Merino Colour Block Tunic, Capture Merino Jumper and the Capture Merino Jumper.

What other tips do you have for packing for your winter trip? We’ve been given loads of extra tips on our Facebook page about how to travel in style. Feel free to share other comments with us there too!