How to dress for winter - layering

How to dress for winter – layering

Layering your clothing is not a new concept but not only will it keep you warm and comfortable this winter, you’ll reinvigorate your current look and discover new ways to wear your wardrobe staples year-round. With a few winter essentials on hand such as quality leggings, long sleeve merino tops, leather boots and a cosy wool-blend coat, putting a warm winter outfit together is a breeze.

Winter Layering Fashion Clothes

The important thing to remember when layering clothing is to keep your look streamlined by avoiding wearing bulky or oversized items together. If wearing a puffy quilted jacket, balance the look by wearing slim-leg or skinny-leg jeans and a pair of calf hugging riding boots. If wearing a knit dress with a full skirt, streamline the look by pairing the dress with a fitted long sleeve merino, leggings and flattering mid-calf boots.

When putting an outfit together, begin by wearing your lightest fabrics underneath, then layer the heavier garments on top e.g. a light cotton shirt worn under a chunky cable knit sweater, topped with a form-fitting leather jacket. Aim to pair well-fitting, tailored pieces together and you’ll always look sophisticated – no matter how many layers you’re wearing.

Although winter is usually a season where we all reach for dark hues, this season, coats and other traditional winter wear are available in an array of bold brights. To create a cohesive look when wearing more than two layers, opt for layers in complementary colours – if wearing a floral shirt with a brown, black, plum and white floral print, pair with camel pants, tan boots, and a chunky knit scarf in plum or crimson.

Layering clothing is simple if you follow these easy guidelines. This winter why not wear that gorgeous floral sleeveless dress you love to wear in summer over a long sleeve merino knit in a complementary colour, paired with neutral leggings and leather boots? Don’t forget to layer on the accessories – a bright scarf, leather gloves and knit hat will give you warmth and add the finishing touch to your outfit.

Scroll through the images above to see our top picks for winter layering essentials.


Image Credit: The Glamorai

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