Horizontal Stripes

One of the BIGGEST fashion myths is that horizontal stripes are unflattering. And I’m here to BUST that myth right out of the water!

So many of my personal styling clients shy away from horizontal stripes, not sure how to wear them in a flattering way so I thought it was a great topic to post about! EziBuy has such a great collection of stripes and I want you to be able to get the most out of them, and to not worry about how to wear them.

Here are my top tips for wearing horizontal stripes:

1. Make sure the garment is longer than it is wide

EziBuy stripes


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This is a great guideline to follow to start with. It’s all about proportion – you are creating a more dominant vertical line down your body with the full garment. The horizontal stripe is not as powerful as the full line of the garment.

2. Watch where the stripe sit

EziBuy different strips


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Any big print or pattern is going to draw the attention to the area in which it’s situated. So if stripes make you a little nervous, then just watch where they sit. This maxi dress has a great stripe, heading is a slightly downward direction – it draws the eye down, rather than across.

3. Create vertical lines

This is the one single most flattering line you can create! And it totally trumps horizontal lines. Even if you are wearing side-ways stripes, create a dominant vertical line down your body.

vertical lines

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If the garment doesn’t have a stripe in it, then create your own. Use a scarf or a necklace to create that long vertical line down your body.

Or if you are wearing a shirt with horizontal stripes, use a jacket or coat to create a dominant vertical line over the top.

4. It’s all about the fabric



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Look for fabrics that follow the shape of your body and have structure. The thick ponte fabric of this dress is flattering on any shape – it gives support, but follows the shape of your frame perfectly, no one is even looking at the fact that is a stripe!

The paneling down the sides (if you look closely you can see them) also help with the above-mentioned vertical lines!

See? Horizontal lines are not that scary at all! Most of the time they are actually really fun and flattering to wear! There are so many gorgeous pieces from EziBuy with stripes, don’t be scared to give them a go!

Until Next Time, Happy Shopping

Cait xoxo

Caitlin is a Style Coach and Fashion Writer over on her website www.chasingcait.com – check it out for most posts like this one.

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