Ginger & Smart

Meet the sisters behind the Ginger & Smart brand. Our editor, Esther Gordon sits down with dynamic sister duo, Alexandra and Genevieve Smart, to chat about their design inspirations and brand ethos.

 Fashion is expression. It says something about ourselves without words.


You are best known as the founders of Ginger & Smart – How did you end up here?

 We both had decade long careers working hard and learning skills within other businesses. Alexandra was an Editor and Publisher in the magazine world and has a MBA, and I worked as Designer and Creative Director for other fashion brands. We knew if we combined our talents we could create something special of our own with a unique voice.


How is it working with one another as sisters?

 By definition of our different roles, we bring distinct strengths and perspectives to the business with a shared passion and strategy to grow a thriving, sustainable business.


What do you believe to be behind the aesthetic of the Ginger & Smart collection/ Who is the G & S woman?

 The Ginger & Smart aesthetic is adventurous, creative and perfectly imperfect. Each Collection always explores an idea or theme that reflect the essence of Ginger &Smart and keep the brand evolving.


What has been your proudest moment so far?

 We are very proud and grateful to our Ginger & Smart team, who have loyally helped us charter through a very tumultuous 2020 with passion and strength.


What are your opinions on the importance of fashion in day to day life?

 Fashion is expression. It says something about ourselves without words.


Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to launch their own fashion brand?

 Starting a fashion brand takes an enormous amount of sweat equity. You need a true passion for the fashion and creative worlds to go the distance.

Always be prepared to keep listening, learning and evolving both creatively and in business strategy.


 Do you have a favourite piece from the latest collection?

 The Celestial Gold dresses are favourites for us. Perfect for the festive season and destined to bring a fun evening.

G & S

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