Get the Hollywood look

Hollywood’s ‘A-listers’ very rarely have so much as a stray hair out of place. Sure, in the real world they must, but when we see photos of them, they’re usually on the red carpet or have specifically made an effort before being bombarded by the paparazzi. They always look immaculate, and like most of the little old nobodies, Australians can’t help but want to look like we have just walked out of our mansion in Bel Air. You may think your wallet isn’t fat enough to pull this off, but there are ways you can achieve this look to some degree without taking out a second mortgage on your house. 
EziBuy have a selection of items that can mimic the glitz and glamour of Hollywood when worn with confidence.

How about this shimmery black and gold a Blazer? Worn with some plain tights and platform shoes, you’ll be well on your way to pulling off that look without breaking the bank.

These are just a few examples of what you can wear but if all else fails, wear big sunglasses. Provided you’re outside and it’s relatively sunny that is – unless you really need protection from the big flashes of the paparazzi!

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