How to get the perfect bra fit

Need help finding the perfect bra fit? Check out this useful infographic.

The image below will help you to find your ideal bra and cup size. Pin it for later, or save it to your bookmarks – having a well-fitting bra makes a huge difference in your day-to-day comfort!

Find the perfect bra

Extra tips for getting the perfect bra fit:

  • The underband should sit horizontally around the body. You should be able to fit two fit fingers comfortably underneath the band.
  • The centre front of the bra should be lying flat against the chest, and each breast fits comfortably into each cup.
  • Wires and seams shouldn’t feel like they are even there. They should not be digging into your breast or underarms.
  • Straps must be secure without being tight or painful. No hard clasps or plastic bits are digging into your back or shoulders.


Find the perfect bra

If you’re looking for an easy all in one option, try our revolutionary new Seamfree Body Crop Top Bra. Here are four reasons you’ll love it:

 It’s incredibly comfortable

Tired of hooks, straps and underwires? This bra uses breakthrough body-form technology for a seamless design. It’s also super soft and velvety – the fabric is a blend of Nylon and Spandex, with wide straps to enhance your comfort.

Great shape and support

Comfort doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on support – this bra will give you a better shape than most other bras which use uncomfortable underwires! You’ll get a smooth, line-free appearance without bumps or bulges.

It will last for years

This bra is designed to expand and contract, so there’s no need to replace it if you lose or gain weight. It’s guaranteed to fit perfectly, it even stretches up or down 2 sizes! It’s easy to care for and keeps its shape over time.

It’s easy to care for

Don’t have time to hand wash all of your bras? This bra is machine washable and can even be put in the dryer without fading, pilling or losing its shape. The secret is in the nylon foundation, providing garment durability.

Have you tried one of these bras? Tell us what you think below!

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