Get the Look: Summer Reds


I’ve been loving Ezibuy’s accessory range lately, so for my next couple of posts I’ll be bringing you makeup looks that draw inspiration from some Ezibuy jewellery. Today’s post is a bold eyeshadow look inspired by the Aria Earth Pendant Necklace. This stunning crystal-inspired pendant caught my eye while browsing the site and I had to have it! While red is an unusual colour to wear on the eyes, the earthiness of the shades I’m working with today stop it from looking too teeny-bopper.


Rather than put a plain red eyeshadow all over my eyelid, I’ve gone for a gradient effect. I started with a base of orange, then worked a deeper browny-red tone into the outer corner of each eyelid and blended that outwards with a clean fluffy brush. This isn’t an eyeshadow look you want to be trying with sponge applicators or your fingers.

I put a touch of gold on the inner third of each eyelid to give a little bit of sparkle and to give the effect of wider eyes.


The biggest tip I can give when you’re working with unconventional eyeshadow colours is to include black eyeliner and lashings of mascara. Red around the eyes can make you look sick if you don’t get it right. The black eyeliner acts as a kind of border between the red and your eyeballs, to stop this effect!

I would pair this eyeshadow look with a simple, neutral lip colour, so as not to take the attention away from the eyes.


You could try this idea with other shades too – maybe green or pink?

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