Get The Look: Statement Necklaces

As a Style Coach, I’m all about people having their own sense of fun and style to their outfits, and what better (and affordable) way to do that than with a statement necklace!

A statement necklace is just that, something that makes a statement – it is an integral part in making the clothes you’ve got on into an “outfit”. You can be wearing something super-simple and classic, like a white tee, jeans and a simple black blazer, add a statement necklace and POW! Instant individuality and fun!

Here are some of my faves from EziBuy, matched back with some gorgeous celebs rocking this great trend too:

Jewels galore.jpg


GET THE J-LO LOOK: Next crystal effect flower chain necklace from EziBuy $21.00 – CLICK HERE TO BUY

You don’t have to be appearing on the read carpet to wear this necklace – dress up a simple grey marle t-shirt and jeans, the contrast of the jewels again the classic tee will have you looking stylishly chic in no time!

string beads.jpgGET THE BEYONCE LOOK: (left)EziBuy beaded multi-strand necklace $42.99 – CLICK HERE TO BUY, (right) Necklace from EziBuy bead set $19.99 – CLICK HERE TO BUY

You’re making a statement, so why stop at one necklace? Layering is a great way to mix a couple of colours together to get an individual look! Layer these bright necklaces over a simple black dress to add some colour POP in winter!

detailed collar.jpg

GET THE PRINCESS CATHERINE LOOK: Next silver chain necklace from EziBuy $26.00 – CLICK HERE TO BUY

Add some softness to a strong neckline just like the gorgeous Duchess of Cambridge. This collar necklace is a great way to add some interest to a simple neckline, or plain dress, you’ll look positively regal!

See, statement necklaces are not that scary, and EziBuy have such a great range for really affordable prices too! You don’t need to spend a bunch of money to have style. Why not give one a try and give your look a little extra spunk!

Until next time,

Cait xoxo

(Celeb photos courtesy of Pinterest)

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