French Flair – looking your best for Bastille Day

Bastille Day on the 14th of July is celebrated worldwide as the day of the beginning of the French Revolution (the first step was the storming of Bastille, a palace in Paris). This French national day has changed over time to be less military related and more a big French celebration with food, performances and costumes in many cities. You can join in the festivities, eat some delicious food and most importantly dress the part incorporating the three colours of the French flag; red, blue and white.

Élégant en Rouge
With a very French gorgeous cinched waist we chose our favourite, flattering red dress to start. This was combined with an elegant, woven, navy cardigan with a bat-wing style to flatter your upper arms. We added white heels sporting stylish corsage-esque flowers for an extra feminine touch. Finally, we finished the outfit off with a chic white handbag to pull the three striking colours together.


Belle en Bleu
Pep up your Bastille Day outfit with a peplum top, this will flatter your waist and if it has a gorgeous pattern like the one we picked, it’ll chase away the monotonous colours of the rest of the oufit. We loved the combnation with these crisp white pants and to make the outft really pop we added a bright red felt hat and bright red wedges. Magnifique!

Chic et Comfortable
If your feet aren’t feeling up to heels, choose an outfit that looks great with flats- we love these pointed blue ballet flats with a bit of white accenting. We chose a loose and comfy draping white skirt with a simple red top. If it gets cool, a black cardigan will match perfectly with this.

Even if your town or city isn’t celebrating Bastille Day, incorporate a bit of red, blue and white into your outfit this July 14th. Injecting a bit of French glamour into your wardrobe never hurt; check out womenswear for more inspiration.


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