Pink peonies inspire Floral Dresses

Floral Dresses or Flowers?

Floral Dresses: peonies inspire
Floral Dresses: peonies inspire

It has to be said that in general, women love flowers! Whether they’re freshly cut in a vase, outside your window in your garden or basket, given as a special gift, or even on floral dresses with gorgeous, colourful prints.

Flowers are a beautiful way to lift one’s mood, and make an environment seemingly more beautiful and fresh. Who doesn’t love the fresh scent of flowers in their home, or the uplifting sight of colourful blooms to brighten a room. Flowers are a treat that we often don’t indulge in for ourselves, so it’s all the more special when someone surprises us with a beautiful bouquet or on beautiful floral dresses. Valentine’s day is coming up – perhaps it’s time to start dropping some hints on your favourite flowers!

Here are some ways that you can ensure that flowers are always a cheery part of your day:

When is best for fresh?
Spring (between September and November) is commonly known as a time of bloom for a vast number of beautiful plants, and as a time of growth and renewal of new plant and animal life. Floral growth is best in the summer season when flowers have had time to bud through spring and are then covering their plants in abundance. Autumn is when we see beautiful leaves at their best. Winter (between June-August) is probably the most dormant season for flowers while the plant regenerates after the last seasons flower. If you choose to purchase flowers from a local store or market, you’ll get to know which flowers are in abundance during each season.

Maintaining beautiful blooms
If you’ve been gifted flowers for a birthday, Valentines gift or any special occasion – or you’ve just given yourself a treat – keep them lasting longer by displaying them out of direct heat or sunlight. Change the water they are sitting in at least every alternate day and if you have some at hand, floral preservative can work wonders for increasing the life of your flowers. Flowers are always a treasured gift to receive. They can make someone’s day and quickly improve anyone’s mood. However, they’re never generally cheap to buy, especially if they’ve been beautifully arranged, so if you’re someone who loves having fresh flowers in the house, perhaps it’s time to consider growing your own.

Grow your own
If you’re the type who likes beautiful flowers all year round, a good idea of course is to learn to grow your own. Go for options that will flower for ages, providing buckets of colour for free throughout the year. This is probably more appealing than a huge glut of flowers that come for a month, and the rest of the year the flower patch looks bare. This is easy to achieve when you have the right succession of cut-and-come-again plants, grown in the right seasons.

Talk to a friend who grows their own flowers or to the person at your local plant store for tips on when to plant and what to plant in what specific season. Different flowers like different conditions, so you want something that is relatively easy to grow if you’re new to gardening and tending to flowers. Your local bookstore will also be full of fabulous guides to planting and growing a wonderful garden. The internet is obviously another resource with plenty of information, particularly on gardening blogs, however make sure you stick to the basics and don’t become overwhelmed or take on something that’s out of your depth. Beginning with a difficult project may only end in disappointment.

Not green-fingered?
Of course, if you don’t have the time, the outdoor space or you’re simply not inclined to digging in the dirt, there are ways to still have constant blooms in your life! You can brighten your look year-round by wearing a floral dress. Floral dresses are feminine and flattering. You do however need to keep in mind your choice of accessories to avoid overloading your look. Floral clothing mixes well with other neutral pieces, and there’s generally something that will look great on every body type.

Keep your look bold but timelessly chic by selecting shoes that pick up tones in your dress. Shoes are generally easy with a floral dress, as there’s often a multitude of suitable options with a multicoloured floral patterned dress.

If you love having flowers in your life, begin by being in tune with the seasons and when your favourite flowers are in bloom. You might decide that growing your own is the best, or perhaps you’d prefer to buying ever-changing bouquets from the store. Maybe you’re more into wearing your florals with a floral print dress, leggings, or a pretty patterned top. Whatever your preference, there are plenty of opportunities to add some flower power to your life year round.

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