Five Tips on How to Wear Florals


Florals is one of those trends that we see come around every spring – but that’s one of the things I LOVE about spring.

Gorgeous, bright floral prints pull us out of the depths of winter black and into the sunshine of the warmer months. But florals can be one of those patterns that people steer clear of because maybe they aren’t too sure HOW to wear it.

If this sounds like you (or someone you know) here are my 5 stylist tips to wearing florals!

1. Start Small

If you don’t think florals are your thing, but you are willing to give it a go, start with only wearing it in a teeny tiny part of your outfit. Here are a couple of items from EziBuy that can help you get into the trend, without going full on!

start small

GET THE LOOK: Grace Hill floral kaftan $99.99 | Emerge shell top $54.99

2. Choose your colours wisely

When matching florals with a block colour, use the colours in the floral print as you guide.

When you match the wrong colours to your print, it can drain the print. So for example, only wear black with florals that have a black element to it. Same goes with white.

print and colour

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3. The more curves you have, the bigger the floral

This is all about surface area. The bigger the print, the smaller it makes you look. So if you want to make certain areas look slimmer, wear a bigger floral (same the other way around – if you want to make an area look bigger, wear a smaller print!)

large area large print

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4. Try an abstract floral

If the ‘normal” floral is too girly for you, why not try a print that resembles a floral, without the flowers. Paint splashes, tropical prints and blurred florals are just some of the ways to add a floral-ish tint to your outfit without the daisies!


GET THE LOOK: Next floral soft shirt $97.00 | Capture palm tee $49.99

5. Try a jacket or shoes

A jacket is not normally a shape generally associated with florals but this season both the floral jacket and shoes are big trends! Make the floral garment the statement and keep everything else quite simple and classic.


GET THE LOOK: Pull on sneaker $39.99 | Emerge the blazer $89.99 | Next floral bomber jacket $69.00

So it doesn’t just have to be a floaty, girly dress (although they are nice too) if you want to rock the florals this spring. Whether you wear it in a shoe, or a maxi dress or blouse, florals are here to stay, but you can use these rules to wear florals YOUR way!

Until next time

happy shopping!

Cait xoxo

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