Fast Guide to Glam

Everyone has those days where you’re in a rush and you’ve barely got time to grab something to eat before heading out the door, let alone time to fuss over your appearance. Unfortunately there’s no magic secret to looking fab in ten seconds, but today I want to share my favourite quick look that’s both fast and a bit glam.

Step one: skip the contacts and keep your glasses on. This saves time and gives you some smart chic points. Actually though, if you do wear glasses, this is a great eyeliner look to wear with frames, as it keeps the attention on your eyes.


Step two: dress simple and chic. My favourite is cropped black pants paired with a crisp white shirt. Easy, comfy, and you can adjust it to suit your preferences. Ezibuy makes it really easy by having basics in a whole range of cuts and fits, as well as styles. Don’t like a skinny jean? Not a problem. Want a shirt that draws attention away from your hips? Can do!

Top it all off with a quick piece of jewellery. It’s amazing the difference that an accessory and some eyeliner can make to your outfit – even if you are only wearing leggings and a tunic shirt. I really like the bold necklaces that have been popping up this season, and they look awesome sitting over the neckline of a slouchy shirt.

Capture tunic shirt and contemporary pants; Bead strand necklace; Emerge boyfriend tee and joggers

Now it’s time for the eye makeup. The best part about this (aside from how simple it is), is how adaptable it is. Pretty much everyone has a black pencil eyeliner, but if you don’t you can easily use a dark eyeshadow instead. You don’t need to worry too much about being careful, either.

ezibuy black

The three steps are shown above: run the black pencil across your top lid, at the base of your lashes. Smudge it upwards. Keep smudging! Use a brush, a sponge applicator, or just a finger. Run the pencil along your bottom lash line, and you’re done.

The secret is that there is no secret! No tricky wings, no liquid liner to mess up. Just your old faithful pencil, adding a bit of drama (the good kind!) to your busy day.


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