Fashion Regrets
During the 1980s leg warmers were at the peak of their popularity

Fashion Regrets

We all have fashion regrets, things that we have worn in the past that were oh so trendy at the time. We asked you via our Facebook page what your biggest fashion regret was and it seems that the 1980s was the biggest culprit in providing trends to regret.

We thought we would take a look back at why we dressed the way we did and how to avoid future fashion regrets. The 1980s provided a plethora of ostentatious fashion trends for unsuspecting fashion victims to now regret. Some of the most popular Facebook posts involved shoulder pads, large ‘80s hair, perms, and leg warmers.

The 1980s were a time of economic boom; people had larger salaries than ever before, they had success and wealth and wanted to project that. Hence the age of excess and ‘bigger is better’; this applied to almost all ‘80s fashion trends, including hair styles, costume jewellery, and shoulder pads.

During the 1970s more women were joining the work force than they had in previous years; by the 1980s women in the workplace were seen as normal. Women wanted to climb the corporate ladder and assert themselves in the workplace so they started dressing to be taken more seriously; to be seen as masculine translated to be seen as more powerful. Fashion designers started emulating men’s figures and dressing in women’s fashion; hence the broad shoulders created by shoulder pads. For a modern take on power dressing, shop our Natural Neutrals Collection.

Exercise in the form of aerobics and dance was also popularized during this time by Jane Fonda, Olivia Newton Johns’ Let’s Get Physical, and films such as Flashdance and Fame. Aerobics and dancing became very popular in the mainstream media and exercise apparel filtered down to street fashion. Women started to wear brightly coloured leggings with g-string leotards, oversized sweatshirts and leg warmers. Leg warmers were originally used by dancers to keep their lower legs warm to prevent cramping and injury; during the 1980s they became the must have accessory to accompany your neon spandex gear. Leggings became popular because they were comfortable, afforded the wearer a large range of motion, and protected from chafing making them perfect for exercise. Leggings enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in 2005 and they have been around ever since, usually worn with tunic tops or long sweaters. Unfortunately sometimes worn as pants i.e. nothing covering the bottom (a big no no unless you are exercising). For a modern take, shop our Sports Luxe Collection.

The rapper and Hip Hop dancer MC Hammer came onto the pop culture scene in the late 80s to early 90s. His single U Can’t Touch This was released in 1990 but this didn’t stop the 80s fashion from crossing over. The infamous pants in question were, at the very essence of them, practical for Hip Hop dancing, they allowed a large range of motion so were easy to move in. The fact that they were gold metallic and brightly coloured fitted with MC Hammer’s larger than life showmanship and also 1980s perceptions of excess. Sadly these also trickled down to street fashion which is how they ended up as many of your fashion regrets. For a modern take, shop our 100% Merino relaxed joggers.

Dresses over jeans became popular in the 2000s, propagated by celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan. This served the same function that leggings now provide, to keep legs warm. We’re guessing this trend came about because someone was deciding what to wear one day, was half way through getting changed and decided they liked the look. For a modern take, shop our Animal Print Collection.

During the 1960s and 70s many people wanted to escape from the restrictions of 1950s society, there was the sexual revolution, psychedelic rock and protesting of the Vietnam War. Tie-dye was popularized in the mainstream by Janis Joplin when she wore psychedelic tie-dye whilst performing. It was extremely different to any fashion from the 1950s and made the wearer stand out. Tie-dye, whilst now most closely associated with Hippies, is an ancient process of resistance dyeing fabrics that originated in some form in India, Japan, Africa, and Peru. For a modern take, shop our Ombre Sequined Top.

Men aren’t immune to fashion regrets either. Jeans with wallet chains was another fashion regret that was posted on our Facebook page. Originally these had a practical use; motorbike riders used wallet chains and attached them to their pants so that they wouldn’t lose their wallets whilst riding. Because of this association with people traditionally seen as ‘outside the law’ this accessory became a trend within the punk fashion movement, they are now unfortunately used by posers and bogans and are only acceptable for use by Bikers. For a modern take that doesn’t require a chain, shop our Leather Popper Wallet.

Do you have any other fashion regrets? Let us know in the comments section below.

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