Fashion Quiz - What is Coco Chanel's real name?

Do you think you know Fashion? Try our Fashion Quiz

How well do you think you know fashion? Take our fashion Quiz.

Try the questions below and see if you know your stuff! Let us know in the comments below how you get on.

1. What nationality is model Gisele Bundchen?

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2. In the movie Sex and The City, which designer does character Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) receive a wedding dress from?
A.  Vera Wang
B.  Carolina Herrera
C.  Vivienne Westwood
D. Lanvin

Sex and the City - Wedding Dress

3. The four fashion capitals of the 20th century were considered to be Paris, London, New York and which other missing city?

4. In what country did wooden platform thong sandals called geta originate?

5. Which item of clothing could be ‘maxi’, ‘A-line’ or ‘puffball’?

6. A fashionable Country Club at a park in New York gave its name to a dinner jacket or evening dress for men. Name it.

7. Coco Chanel’s real name was:
A. Marie-Eve Chanel
B. Genevieve Chanel
C. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel
D. Marguerite Chevalier Chanel

Fashion Quiz - What is Coco Chanel's real name?

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1. Brazilian
2. C – Vivienne Westwood
3. Milan
4. China
5. Skirt
6. Tuxedo
7. C – Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel 

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