Dressing Your Baby This Winter

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Although I’ve lived in Canterbury most of my life I’ve never made peace with the worst season ever! I’m just not a winter kind of gal. When I found out my second baby was due at the beginning of winter I had a bit of a panic! “How will I keep her warm!?”

I stocked up on all of the best winter essentials I could find to make sure she was cosy as could be!

You’ll be focussed on keeping your baby warm, and easily accessible for nappy changes until they are about 3 months old. Then you’ll probably start to experiment with cute outfits! Little babies still need regular changes, so keep it simple for you and them with leggings/pants and tops with some of these winter essentials…

Here are some of the things I think you’ll want to know if you’re having your own baby soon:

The more natural the fibre the better. Think 100% cotton and merino. These are nicer for the skin, they breathe, and the temperature regulates with your own baby’s core temperature. Remember that polyester is a man made fabric, it’s essentially plastic and doesn’t breathe. So when you wrap baby up in those totally awesome fluffy jumpsuits and blankets, just remember they may be sweating underneath!


If you can or someone you know has offered to knit for your baby, accept with open arms! Wool these days is super snuggly, and probably nothing like what you remember from your childhood! If it feels a bit squeaky when you rub it between your fingers, they’ve probably used acrylic yarn, which isn’t wool, so treat it like a man made fabric and remember it won’t contain all the warmth and breathability that wool has (like I said previously)! If you’ve struck gold and someone’s made you a beautiful woolen garment, treasure it! As I said, wool breathes and keeps your baby super duper warm. You can’t go past a knitted woolen cardigan or booties!

Long sleeve body suits will be your best friends in the winter time. You can add extra warmth to them by putting a little woolen vest over the top. Woolly vests aren’t bulky and when they are over top of cotton onesies they don’t irritate precious skin.


The longer the better! Forget little ankle socks, you want socks that will go right up to your baby’s thighs! Try look for some socks that has some wool content, or put booties over the top of cotton socks.


All of these layers would be wasted if it weren’t for the crucial baby hat! Go for woollen or merino, and if your baby just-wont-keep-it-on, try dressing them in little hoodies! Heat leaves the body out our heads and feet, so if you keep them well insulated your baby will be snuggly and warm.

If my mum were writing this post she would probably want you all to know that those precious hand-knits need to be hand-washed. Use cool water and gently rinse them, or use a wool-wash detergent. Lay them flat on a towel to dry in the shade! Oh, and white wool can discolour to yellow in the sunshine so make sure they are in the shade.

Have fun snuggling your Pepe this winter! All the best!

Love Sophie xx

Pictured: Three pack of girls tees | Three pack of boys tees

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