Dos and Dont’s of Dressing for Work in Summer

Are you guilty of breaking any of these workplace fashion rules? Read on…

Deciding what to wear to work in summer can be tricky. With soaring temperatures and the holidays barely over, it can be tempting to bring the beach to the office. If you work in a very relaxed or creative environment, that might be ok – if not, these ten tips are for you.

DO find a fun, lightweight blouse with eye-catching detailing. There’s no need to stick to a plain dress shirt – play around with colour and prints to dress up your office wardrobe. Here are some gorgeous work-appropriate tops (from EziBuy, of course!)

DO accessorise your favourite LBD for work. A little black dress is perfectly appropriate for work, as long as it’s below the knee and the neckline doesn’t reveal cleavage. During the day, wear a light summer blazer and sensible heels for that business edge – then add a chunky bib necklace and “going out” shoes for after-work drinks.

DO experiment with skirt styles. We’ve got some gorgeous skirts in this season – from black lace to tangerine peplum, there are a variety of styles to choose from. Here are a few of our favourites.

DO choose perfectly tailored trousers to suit your body shape.

DO iron any fabrics that need to be ironed the night before, to save you rushing the next morning.

DON’T ever wear flip flops or stripper heels to work – ever! Try ballet flats or a sensible wedge instead. It’s always best to check your office dress code, as some workplaces don’t allow open-toed shoes.

DON’T ever wear a shirt to work that is so sheer it’s see-through! This is an easy mistake to make in summer, because lightweight fabrics tend to be sheer. A good way to avoid this is to check your outfit in a well lit room before leaving the house.

DON’T wear spaghetti straps which leave your shoulders bare, unless your office is very relaxed. A good rule of thumb is to look at what your boss is wearing – does she/he ever bare arms and shoulders in the workplace? If not, don’t do it! It’s better to err on the side of caution and cover up with a light summer blazer.

DON’T take your beach bag to work. With so many gorgeous bags at great prices on our site, there’s no excuse for not owning a professional-looking bag you love! Here are some stunners.

Don’t rock a maxi skirt if the dress code is corporate formal! The rule of thumb is to ask yourself whether you’d feel comfortable wearing it to a meeting. However, if you work in a more creative environment (for example, in fashion or advertising) then a maxi should be totally fine.

Does your work place have a dress code? What do you usually wear to work? Are these rules too harsh or too lenient? Share in the comment box below.


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