DIY Boot Shapers


Keeping tall boots in shape can be quite the challenge, especially if space is limited or your collection is simply too big. Boots tend to loosen up with wear, no matter if it is made of leather or a synthetic material, stiff or scrunched up. Storing and caring for your boots properly adds to the longevity of your favourite winter shoes and I have the easiest and cheapest DIY for you. There are so many different ideas on Pinterest (my go to for all things DIY) but I went with one that is fairly straightforward and affordable. Trust me when I say, if I can make this, so can you!


You will need:

– a pair of boots that require shaping

– a pool noodle (available from home and improvement stores or anywhere that stocks pool supplies / accessories)

– a marker

– a sharp knife

– thick cardboard to protect the surface you use to cut on (I used one side of a box)

– thin piece of cardboard (manila folder thick is good but whatever you can get hold of is fine)



1 – Measure up how much of the pool noodle you need.

2 – Use a marker to determine where you will cut.

3 – Follow the mark all around the pool noodle.

4 – Hold down the pool noodle firmly and cut off the required section.


5 – Using the first shaper you have just cut as a guide, measure this up for your second shaper and repeat steps 3 and 4.

6 – Get a small piece of cardboard (I used one that is approximately 5cms / 2 inches thick and 25cms / 10 inches wide)

7 / 8 Fold in three parts to make a thinner piece. This will act as a temporary handle to keep the boots together.


9 – Use the thin piece of cardboard to hold the pool noodle pieces together by stuffing them into the holes.


How do you store your boots? Have you tried similar DIYs before? Tell us in the comments below if this is something you might try.

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