Colour trend: Watermelon

Not too many colours out there are universally flattering but WATERMELON, my lovelies, IS one of those colours. It’s definitely the kind of colour the heralds the start of spring/summer, but it works well trans-seasonally too because it’s strong enough to wear with black (more on that a little later). EziBuyWatermelon_1

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With all the new season fashions well and truly available at EziBuy now, there is plenty of watermelon to go around – so let’s look at three different ways to get your watermelon!

With white

This is a quintessential spring colour combo – white makes the watermelon look really fresh and clean! The great thing about a bright colour is that you can wear quite simple styles and shapes. Let the colour speak for itself, don’t try and over-complicate the outfit.


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With navy

One of the tricks to mixing colours is to make sure the colours are of the same “intensity” – for instance, watermelon is quite a strong colour, so needs another strong colour to wear with it. Watermelon, therefore, is one of those colours that DOES look good with black – but I like adding a navy to watermelon for a twist on that traditional colour combo. The navy is just a little softer, and a little more of a sophisticated colour match. Here is how I would do it. navy_watermelon

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In a print

I LOVE wearing bright colours with print – most people’s first instinct is to wear black or white with a print, regardless of the colours IN the print, but that’s not often the best way to style it Look at the colours IN the print, and match it back with one of those colours. Like Watermelon! With so many bright, bold prints coming out for spring, there is heaps of watermelon going around to match! print_Watermelon

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How would YOU wear this colour? Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to know!

Until next time, happy shopping!

Cait xoxo

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