How to Choose Swimwear for your Body Shape

Whether it’s for the beach or the pool, it is often difficult to find a swimsuit that not only fits properly, but also flatters your body shape and plays up your best assets. Finding the ideal swimsuit for your body shape can be daunting, especially if you haven’t got a clue as to what shape you are.

Check out our simplified body shape guide below. Choose a shape that you personally feel is similar to your own, and then use this guide and the tips below to help choose the ideal swim piece. Under each tip we’ve listed a few favourite Ezibuy styles to provide a visual example and help you choose.




Top heavy

Underwire, thick straps, double stitched bands and halter necks are your best friend! To achieve comfort and an overall flattering look, theses styles will be your go-to for the beach season. They will help to support and contain your chest by evenly distributing the weight and holding everything in place. Perfect for preventing unexpected pop outs when you take a dip!


Style numbers left to right: 91789, 78247, 11741, 120906, 101757



Ruching and patterns are the best way to slim your middle and accentuate your waist line. This is can be easily achieved with a tankini set or one-piece with the appropriate detail. The style will highlight the smallest part of your body and help to play up your best assets.


Style numbers left to right: 117134, 117694, 77234, 134571, 117137


Pear shaped

High waisted, skirt or tie bottoms are ideal for the pear shaped gal. The high waisted bottoms accentuate your waist line giving the illusion of height and a more even weight distribution. Skirt bottoms hide the tops of your thighs which also add length to your legs. Tie bottoms are perfect for comfort and adjustability which will help when purchasing pairs if you are a small to medium chest size in comparison to your bottom.


Style numbers left to right: 101202, 101666, 129881, 134714, 84656


Inverted triangle/athletic figure

Bright colours, attention-grabbing prints, sport cuts and different textures will help to create the look of an hourglass figure and minimize broader shoulders. Mesh panels and bikinis are also a great way to show off your toned body.


Style numbers left to right: 117280, 134607, 134702, 134606, 103042


Rectangle/long torso/column

Break up your silhouette and create the illusion of curves with larger prints and side paneling. Shirring, ruffles and ruching can also help to add the illusion of more shape.


Style numbers left to right: 102900, 119290, 116036, 122489, 134606



Flat-chested? No worries! You’re already guaranteed to stay put in your swimsuit and not have the fear of popping out when taking a dip. Avoid straight-across bandeaus and go for tops with padding, embellishments and ruffles which will help to create a fuller looking chest.


Style numbers left to right: 80208, 134567, 134692, 116038, 84956



For the fuller-figured, rounded or curvier gal the best way to strut confidently poolside or on the shore is to wear a swimsuit that flatters your figure. Patterns, skirted swim pieces and ruching are definitely your friend.


Style numbers left to right: 101667, 101762, 117113, 101771, 117249


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Happy Shopping x

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