Cashmere to Covet

The Holy-Grail of Wool: What’s So Great About Cashmere?

Cute cashmere paired with a cute pleat skirt
Cashmere to Covet: Cute cashmere paired with a cute pleat skirt

It’s lauded as a luxury fabric, and the holy grail of wool, but what really is so special about cashmere?

It’s safe to say, its benefits are many, and stretch well beyond its divine softness and indulgently silky feel. I’m a true convert – enough to not even complain about having to handwash my pieces – and I won’t be surprised if you are too once you try one of Ezibuy’s new pieces for yourself! While cashmere is generally considered a luxury item, and prices certainly can vary, Ezibuy’s range are super affordable without compromising on quality.

What is it?
This special yarn comes from the undercoat of cashmere goats, an animal that lives mainly in Mongolia and China. Historically, the type of wool has been expensive because of the laborious process of sourcing, collecting and processing the wool, however some very good cashmere wool blends have made it a much more accessible option for many. Quality can vary greatly, so it is important to check a label when purchasing a ‘cashmere’ product.

If the chic appearance of this wool isn’t enough to convince you, here is some more insight into this wonderful wool fabric that certainly will:

Not too heavy; not too light
It’s the perfect weight to take you through the autumn transition when weather can be temperamental and changeable. It’s also ideal to use for layering through winter, such as under coats or blazers, without adding lots of bulk, and is cosy enough to wear indoors on its own.

No scratchiness
Many of us avoid wool for the simple fact that it can be itchy or feel scratchy on our skin. You won’t have that problem with cashmere. Cashmere is silky soft and superfine as the density of the fibres is very tight, creating a smooth and soft texture.

Everyday elegance
Cashmere is elegant and feminine because of its streamlined and flattering fit, while still maintaining the practicality of warmth.

A year-round go-to
There isn’t a time of year when your cashmere won’t be suitable. Polos, vests or short-sleeve sweaters are a great option for the office, while sweaters and cardigans are such perfect weekend go-to pieces. A cardigan is also the perfect option for an evening outing when you feel like you may need something a little warmer when the sun goes down.

Versatility plus
While cashmere certainly exudes all-American prep, it’s not a fashion statement reserved only for ladies who lunch. Cashmere can look striking against edgier fabrics like denim and leather.

On trend now, and always
The beauty of cashmere is that it is an investment that will last. Cashmere is timeless and classic styles will rarely date. In particular, a shawl, scarf or cape will get a lot of mileage in its lifetime. They are perfect to pull out for weddings or occasions when you might need a little warmth later in the evening, without clashing with, or distracting from, your more formal wear.

Easy care
It can be washed sparingly, so is pretty low maintenance. The best way to care for your cashmere is to handwash in tepid water (never hot) then simply lay flat on a towel to dry. Keep it folded, or hang on a padded coathanger, and it will keep it’s shape and flawless finish for a long time to come.


There really are no rules when it comes to wearing it! It’s just like any other knit, if not more versatile in the fact that it’s easy to layer with other pieces. Around the house, throw on an oversized cashmere sweater with some leggings and you’ve got comfortable and cosy loungewear. For a chic look, pair your cashmere top with a pencil leather skirt and ankle boots – a perfect look for heading straight from the office to a night out!

Every woman should have at least one staple piece in her wardrobe to see her through the seasons! You’ll no doubt find Ezibuy’s new additions hard to resist – check them out for yourself and learn more about knitwear here.

Cashmere Knitwear
Knitwear: Camel Cardigan, Rosewood Cardigan, Short Sleeve Jumper, Long Sleeve Jumper.

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