Buying an outfit last minute: online shopping and in store shopping

Buying an outfit last minute

Buying a outfit last minute can be easy when easy online shoppingWith the weather warming up and summer just around the corner, so too is the party season! Weddings, birthdays, Christmas, new-year celebrations and special family get-togethers mean catching up with friends and family much more frequently.

We all want to look our best when catching up with loved ones, but how do you cope when you’re given last minute notice? You might have a week, you might only have a couple of days, but you need to find an outfit last minute.

So the pressure’s on, do you first have a look online to see what’s around or do you head straight to the shops to browse what’s on the racks? Check out our comparison below between last minute shopping online and in store.

Online Shopping

  • There’s big appeal with online shopping for the reason it can save a lot of time, especially being able to narrow down exactly what you’re looking for by style, colour, price and size.
  • You’ll often also find some great savings on end of lines or slightly older stock.
  • You can avoid the hustle and bustle of the holiday crowds and car parking nightmares by shopping from the comfort of your home.
  • The downside to online shopping is that if you’re actually going to purchase something online, you need to allow for delivery time. (This varies widely depending on where the item is sourced from, and can also depend on whether you live rural or in the city.) So, probably not the greatest idea if you need something in a desperate hurry.
  • A good idea however is to seek out the fashion online, then head in store to try things on and make your final decision on your favourite!

‘In Store’ Shopping

  • It’s certainly always nice to be able to try things on before you buy, which is where finding a last minute outfit ‘in store’ has its perks. You’re then able to assess not only whether you like the outfit on the rack, but whether you like it on your body.
  • Another great way to make a quick decision when you’re pushed for time is to employ the buddy system. Bring a trusted friend along to give you an honest opinion, this will save you from time wasting tossing up between too many options.
  • If you do decide that you’d rather shop ‘In Store‘ than online, be sure to consolidate your shopping. This means know what you’re heading out to achieve. Have in mind whether you’re after a dress, a top, something formal, or something more casual. Knowing what you’re looking for, and where you want to look can save plenty of time and worry.

Fashion doesn’t need to be over the top. As the saying goes, often less is more. Elaborate outfits when you don’t have time to plan them are often not the greatest of ideas. Simple outfits can be especially striking with a flattering cut and colour that suits and some simple accessories. There are often multiple colour options of the same piece in store, so whether you’re shopping in-store or online, be sure to check out your options before making a decision with your outfit last minute!

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Capture Boho Tank

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