Capture Lace Dress - bridesmaid dress or wedding guest dress option

Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses or Wedding Outfits for Summer

Capture Lace Dress - bridesmaid dress or wedding guest dress option

With my upcoming 2017 nuptials, I have been hit with the reality of finding bridesmaid dresses.

Pre-engagement, I was under an illusion that it would be easy, affordable, and fun to find bridesmaid dresses. Easy and affordable it is not. In all of the engagement excitement, I chose my five gorgeous bridesmaids who are spread internationally around England, New Zealand and Australia.

Two of them are sharing the maid of honor responsibilites, and what those responsibilities are I do not know, but I do know that I need some dependable women to conjure up some fun. They know that the hen party is irrelevant as I am not one for tradition, but a few days in France staying in a chateau with wine, cheese and more wine would be the right idea should they wish to throw me such a do. Sophie and Stephanie, are you reading this?

My wedding will be held in the historic city of Seville in Spain, just a few kilometers north of Ronda where he put the ring on my finger tying me up forever. I am joking, of course, I said yes because after 7 fun filled years together already I quite liked the idea of at least 70 more. So, following the coincidental Spanish theme using only the creativities that flourish in my excitable head, I decided that a red satin gown that drapes along the floor in all of its gorgeousness was ideal. It would, it turns out, be a bargain and inexpensive. More money for my bridesmaids dresses, phew!

The location of my bridesmaids is proving that dress shopping is a bit of a hard one when they’re also all different lengths and sizes. As it stood until today, I had given up the search and told them all to go and find an elegant black dress. But, fortunately for them, the new EziBuy Holiday catalogue has opened up my eyes to affordable, elegant, and colourful options that I have right here on my door step.

Bridesmaid Dresses: Grace Hill Strappy Dress in Red
Grace Hill Strappy Dress $89.99

I have chosen three options from our gorgeous range. Their first choice is the fun Grace Hill dress designed for dancing in with its loose fit and elegant cut above the knee. The red matches the colour of my dress too, and they will be by my side looking ready to party in a stand-out colour #squadgoals.

Emerge Layered Dress
Emerge Layered Dress $89.99

The second is the Emerge maxi dress. The flattering halter neck includes pleating on the front, double strap detail, and a short underlay making the semi-sheer chiffon float in that evening Spanish breeze. Its black colour will allow me to dot roses in their hair and plant some gold accessories.

Capture Tea Dress
Capture Tea Dress $69.99

Lastly, this Capture Tea dress with its bold print and breathable cotton fabric is perfect for dancing, keeping the Spanish heat at bay, and feeling comfortable yet glamorous at the same time.

All three styles are very different, and hopefully they will all agree on one of them. If not, then it’s back to Plan B and a day out in search of a black dress that suits them personally.

These dresses are also quite perfect for the guests on the wedding day itself.

Although the black is less than traditional, and I wouldn’t personally wear black to a wedding, it just fits in personally with my own Spanish wedding! So if you have a wedding to attend, or even if you are looking for bridesmaid dresses, then look no further; our Holiday new arrivals has a beautiful array of dresses to suit everyone.


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