NEW ARRIVALS: Breast Cancer Cure x EziBuy Designer T-Shirts

Way back in 2014 we joined forces with Breast Cancer Cure and this year we’ve now it again to release new designer t-shirts.

What is Breast Cancer Cure about? Breast Cancer Cure actively researches and looks for a cure for cancer. And we’re here to help them! For every designer t-shirt sold by EziBuy, $10 of the sale goes towards finding a cure!

The Breast Cancer Cure foundation is New Zealand’s only not-for-profit organization established solely to support research into finding a cure for Breast Cancer. They’re a lean organization, with no office space, cars or mobile phones – they all work from home, so most of the money that they receive goes directly to their research partners.

Throughout 2016 we’ve been working on tshirts that we think that you might like with well known New Zealand fashion designers. You can now purchase these designer t-shirts from fashion houses Moochi, Andrea Moore or Storm. Quick – before they sell out!


Moochi - Designer T-Shirts
Shop Moochi t-shirt


Andrea Moore - Designer T-Shirts
Shop Andrea Moore t-shirt


Storm - Designer T-Shirts
Shop Storm t-shirt

Do you have a favourite so far? Let us know in the comments what your pick is. Share your pictures with us on social media #wearcarecure

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