Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Looking for baby shower gifts? There must be something in the water at the moment as it seems everywhere we turn, there’s another expectant mother. Every so often one of these women will be a close friend or colleague who we want to buy a gift for and more often than not, they don’t know the sex of the baby.
Buying a unisex baby shower gift makes the whole process a little bit harder, but EziBuy have a vast range of suitable white coloured products and this colour is something a mother can never have too much of.

Considering a baby needs to be changed multiple times a day, these “onsies” are a perfect starting point for any baby outfit.

If you’re after as smaller baby shower gift, socks are another thing that won’t go unused. Babies need to keep their feet warm, and the neutral colour means they aren’t gender specific.

If you’re still not sure exactly what the parents may need, why not order a EziBuy gift card NZ / EziBuy gift card AU and allow them to select something on their own, possibly once the baby is born? Even though it’s not very personal, the parents will be grateful for any help with the excessive amount of expenses that come with having a new baby.

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