Autumn Colour Blocking 101

Colour blocking is one of Autumn’s hottest trends. Want to get the look right? It’s easy with some basic colour theory.

When deciding on colour combinations, the colour wheel is your best friend. A colour wheel shows the relationships between colours – what matches, and what clashes.

How to use the colour wheel 

Try these combinations when putting together a colour blocked outfit:

Complementary colours: Colours opposite each other on the wheel. They intensify eachother and clash when worn together. E.g. Violet and yellow

Analogous colours: Colours lined up side by side on the colour wheel. E.g: yellow green, yellow, and orange yellow

‘T’ colours: These form a ‘T’ shape on the wheel. E.g. Orange yellow, blue violet and green

Triangle points: Imagine a triangle drawn in the middle of the colour wheel. Pair any (or all) of the three colours the corners of the triangle point to.


Analogous colours: Dress with fire engine red, tangerine and berry purple stripes

Colour blocking tips

Mix colours of similar intensity and saturation. Keep neons with neons, pastels with pastels.

When choosing accessories, tone the look down with neutrals – or add an extra pop with even more clashing colour or metallics.

Don’t add prints, florals, stripes, frills into the mix – stick to solid blocks of colour in simple shapes (shifts, tunics, pencil skirts etc)

Pair up to three colours at most – anything more will make you look like a rainbow.

Our new Autumn collection has everything you need to put together the perfect colour blocked look.

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