Animal Prints – How to wear them

Want to know how to look amazing in animal print? Here are our three top tips for walking on the wild side in this fantastic fashion trend.

A Statement Jacket

This is a really simple way to incorporate animal print in a really bold way. We love print jackets because we can’t keep our eyes off them and there are some really warm, winter-ready styles in our collection for you to snuggle into.

As an Understated Accessory
If you’re not going for an overwhelming safari look, search no further then some simple animal print accessories that can add a bit of va-va-voom to a basic outfit. These are fairly easy to match and draw attention to the part of your body that they’re on ( this means you can use it to draw attention to your best features!)

As some Feature Pants
If you prefer having bold prints away from your face and drawing attention to your gorgeous legs, this is your best option! Animal print pants can look really classy when worn correctly.

But, how do I actually wear all these animal prints?
Looking at the printed item that you want to wear, you firstly want to make sure that you don’t visually overdo it. One print in the outfit is usually enough unless you have two matching accessories. Once you’ve chosen the one that is perfect, identify the key colours that are involved. Now choose other items that mimic these (white, black and cream for example cream blouse , black pencil skirt and black heels).
If the pattern is simpler (for example grey animal print jeans), bright colours unrelated to the pattern are easier to combine with it.

1) Pick one animal print item per outfit.
2) Match the pattern colours to your outfit colours.
3) Simpler patterns are simpler to match with bright colours.

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