A Winter Favourite: Ruffle Umbrella to Sweeten a Rainy Day

Rainy days can turn the footpath into a sea of black, from the all the black umbrellas. If you’re like me and are into adding a touch of something special, why not consider a pretty umbrella? This ruffle pink umbrella is sure to make you stand out from the crowd, and add some much needed colour to a grey day. You might not even dislike the rain so much any more, as it’s another chance to use this fabulous little number! And not only does it look pretty, but it (deceptively) performs like a champ! Much like us ladies, pretty on the outside, but strong enough to handle whatever life throws at us!

Chances are, if you don’t have an umbrella by now, you’re not enjoying the recent weather. We have a number of jackets, coats and cardigans that can combat the rain and keep you warm, but a good umbrella is a perfect addition for a little extra protection. This Ruffle Umbrella from our Gift & Health selection is fashionable, elegant, fun and practical. The pink parasol comes with a durable rubber handle, a protective pocket, and it can fold down to fit into your handbag. It will keep you dry, while making sure you look chic and graceful.


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