A Whole New Wardrobe on a Budget

We all love the thrill of having a new outfit. Unfortunately most of us can’t afford to wear an item once then buy something new to replace it. There are many ways you can stretch your wardrobe further and create the illusion of owning more clothes than you do. Here are some ideas….

  • Buy plain items: Buying something you love in a natural colour, such as a black dress, is ideal because it can be worn in many different ways. Team it with different belts and accessories along with a diverse range of footwear and jackets and no one will ever know you’re wearing the same thing. Just make sure it’s basic enough to go unnoticed as someone (read: everyone) is sure to take notice of your bright green pants with pink polka-dots.
  • Swap with friends: As you’re not the only one that could never have too many clothes, the chances are your friends are in a similar position. Provided they’re a similar size as you, try swapping items with them either temporarily or permanently and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how happy you’ll both come out of your agreement.
  • Get creative: We all have those clothes that we never wear but seem too good to throw away. Try altering them into something new with your sewing machine.
  • Buy second-hand: There are some real gems out there if you have the time to look around. So long as you wash them before you wear them, you won’t even notice a difference.
  • Shop online: Like most things, clothes are generally cheaper when you buy online. EziBuy have a great range of clothing for the whole family and you don’t need to spend a fortune.
  • Plan in advance: sometimes you can plan for seasons in advance.  Take advantage of end of season sales from the nothrern hemisphere, of take advance of end of seasons sales here in Australia, and keep those items for next year.
  • Look for specials and sales: not just in shops, but online also.  EziBuy has it’s own clothing sale section with lots of great bargains!

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