6 Layering Tips For A Stylish Winter

Timeless Layering: Check out our tips for winter layering.
Timeless Layering: Check out our tips for winter layering.

Whether you layer to achieve a certain look, or simply to stay warm, it always helps having some combination inspiration on hand when it comes to layering.

A new winter style trend is among us and it ticks off some of the most important fashion ‘101’s. Allowing you to remain warm, but not too bulky, as well as effortlessly chic is the 2016 trend of layering.

Celebrities have proven that staying warm is not directly proportional to the thickness of your clothes. Multiple layers of figure shaping knits, plus a scarf can be just as cosy!

Start with…
1. A lightweight, breathable and body fitting thermal will be your (hidden) key to successful warmth.

2. Add another layer, like a sleeveless and longline tunic or a delicate floaty shirt for a versatile and well-rounded look.

3. A light weight knit over the top is the key to partially locking in that body heat and also reflects why it is so important to be wearing breathable fabrics – so you don’t start to sweat and have a wardrobe blunder!

4. Your coat will be the key to your look here. A coat will amplify a polished business look where as a bomber jacket will dress your look down, giving off a street wear look.

5. Keep your bottom half light with a simple pair of jeans, skirt or pants. After all – they say, if your upper half is covered and warm, you will be fit to fight the cold!

6. Lastly, sprinkle yourself with your favourite accessories and shoes to reflect your own personal style and make the outfit your own.

Try out this new movement and put it to the test! Start off with some of our quality body-fitting basics as your starting point to achieve this 2016 layering trend.