5 Minutes with Caitlin Taylor – Style Coach at chasingcait.com

Meet Cait Taylor. She’s a stylist, style coach and fashion writer over at chasingcait.com, & an uber-fun and ultra-fashionable gal with a love for helping women see their own true beauty!

You might have seen her here, here, or checked out her Instagram and Facebook profiles, too. Her sense of style is so unique, bold and eye-catching, and her ability to transform any garment into an outfit masterpiece makes us want to know aaaaall about her!

Cait wears the Capture Boucle Coat in marigold.


Three words to describe me:

Style-obsessed, mumma, and Australian haha

How would you describe your personal style?

Feminine, relaxed but with an edge to it.

Bright colour and bold print don’t scare me, and you’ll usually find me in one of my favourite girly dresses paired back with a trainer or an ankle boot – it’s almost become my signature style now.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

To make women be able to see how beautiful they really are, no matter what their shape or size, that and being able to fly – duh!

What’s the best thing about your job?

Helping women to reconnect with themselves, and to help them find a way to express their personality through style.

Seeing a client at the end of our time together, they just seem so much lighter and more excited about getting dressed every morning. I love it when they realise how much fun they can have with style.

Oh and I pretty much play dress-ups for a living, that is a bit fun!

My fashion background is…

I’ve worked in the fashion industry since I was at uni (where I studied psychology, so very useful when dealing with women and their bodies every day!).

I’ve have roles in fashion PR, dispatch, wholesale, production, marketing and retail, for large and small brands in both Aus and NZ. I know the industry inside out.

I started Chasing Cait the blog almost 10 years ago – and the personal styling business followed soon after. I’ve dressed hundreds of different shapes and sizes in my years in the industry, so I’m definitely an expert on what women want in their everyday style!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Raspberry chocolate bullets – I can eat a whole packet before I even know it!

Top 3 things on my bucket list are…

Travel to New York

Meet John Farnham (don’t judge me, I’m Aussie remember!)

Swim with dolphins (although I’ve done this twice already, can it still be on my bucket list to do it again?)

What show are you binge-watching?

Well now that Game of Thrones is finally finished, it’s The Bachelor UK all the way haha! (I like to be well-rounded in my TV viewing)

My hidden talents are…

I make a to-die-for chocolate brownie, I can dance the Highland Fling and I can usually pick your shoe size just from a quick glance at your feet (job hazard right?)

Who is your style inspiration?

Everyday women! People I see in the street, people I follow online – I love looking at outfits they have put together, then working out how I can replicate it from my own wardrobe, to suit my shape and style.

But also, if I could just have Blake Lively’s closet (and husband if we’re being honest) I would be a happy lady – she IS style.


Cait in the Emerge Linen Ruffle Sleeve Dress

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