5 Must-Have Blazers

As a personal stylist, there is ONE item that I feel every single woman should have in her wardrobe – a blazer. It’s the ultimate SMART/CASUAL piece that can transform any casual look into a stylish, sleek sophisticated outfit.

Add a blazer to jeans and tee and you get a stylish, sporty-luxe outfit, add a blazer to a floral, feminine dress and you add a little edge to your outfit.

There are so many different blazers out there so how do you know which one to get? I can help with that! Here’s a list of my 5 must-have blazers for any woman’s wardrobe.

1. The Basic Black Blazer

One: Capture Ponte Blazer $59.99. Two: Emerge Tuxedo Blazer $109.99. Three: Emerge Workwear blazer $79.99

If you are new to the amazing world of blazers, this is the place to start. A simple, well-cut black blazer is possibly the most versatile piece of clothing you can have!

Wear it to work over a dress to make it look more professional or pair it with jeans and a tee to add a chic edge to a casual outfit. Look for a blazer that has some shaping through the back as it will define your waist a little more.

Stylist tip: roll or cuff the sleeves up to expose your wrists – they are the slimmest part of your arm so you want to draw attention to them. Cuffing the sleeves also helps to make the blazer more casual, and less newsreader.

2. The Coloured Blazer

One: Two: Three:
One: Emerge Must-have Blazer $79.99 Two: Sara Blazer $129.99 Three: Emerge Blazer in coral $79.99

Want to add a little POP to your winter wardrobe? We all wear so much black and grey during the cooler months so why not add a little colour with a jacket!

When wearing a coloured blazer, match it back with neutrals like jeans and a white top, OR wear it with all black to add some brightness to a dark look.

3.The Printed Blazer

One: Two: Three:
One: Capture Floral Drapey Blazer $69.99 Two: Together Printed Blazer $139.99 Three: Emerge The Blazer $89.99

Want to be a little braver with your look? How about a printed blazer! They add interest and personality to any outfit.

Stylist tip: Make the blazer the STATEMENT piece of your outfit. Everything else should compliment the blazer, not try and compete with it.

4. The Relaxed (casual) Blazer

One: Two: Three:
One: Heine Blazer $119.99 Two: Emerge Drape Jacket $99.99 Three: Emerge Longline Blazer $99.99

Not all blazers have to be stiff and business-like. EziBuy has some gorgeous casual blazers with more relaxed fits and different textures and fabrics such as linen or ponte.

Stylist tip: Relaxed blazers always look great with pants as generally they are a little longer, and that proportion looks better with pants than dresses.

5. The Striped Blazer

One: Two: Three:
One: Capture Stripe Blazer $69.99 Two: Next Stripe Blazer $73.00 Three: Capture Riviera Jacket $69.99

Who doesn’t love a nautical look! Add a stripe blazer to any simple outfit for a point of difference. Like to gorgeous ladies in the pics are wearing, matched back with a bright pink or red, a striped blazer is a fresh, smart-causal look for any occasion.

So whether it’s a simple classic black blazer, or a fun bright coloured one – there is a blazer from EziBuy out there for everyone!

Until next time,

In Love & Style Always

Cait xoxo

Get more fashion and styling advice from Cait at her fashion blog, Chasing Cait.

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