Winter Skincare: Hydration


It’s well and truly winter and no doubt you’ve pulled out your thermals and woolen socks, but have you thought about how you’ll adjust your skincare? I wrote recently about the importance of a basic skincare routine, but when it’s cold and the air is dry, there are a few extra steps that are really important.

While we’re on the topic of thermals, I’m loving the Capture merino layering range. When I think about warm winter layers, I have to admit that my first thought is always scratchy, brightly coloured and striped polypropylene tops. But look at that marigold crew neck top – I’d wear it on its own! The colour is fantastic and so on-trend.

Emerge Sherpa Drape Jacket; Capture Merino Layering Crew Neck Top; Emerge Zipped Skimmer

So where do we start? I’d liken a thermal to a thick, intensive lip balm that you shouldn’t leave the house without on cold days. The brisk cold wind outdoors, and even the dry air-conditioned air indoors, can leave your lips parched and peeling. This is not a good look any time of the year! If you’re fighting off a cold, though, you don’t want to be worrying about the state of your lips as well.

Lip balm tip: go for those in a stick, rather than tub form. Dipping your fingers in and out of the same tub multiple times a day is a bad idea when there are germs about! What’s good about a stick form is that you can scrape the top layer away if you’ve been sick and are worried about harbouring bacteria. (This is actually true of all skincare and makeup items: creams in tubs may look glamorous, but they’re not very hygienic.)

Cable Sherpa Blanket

Next up is the hydrating face mask. Think of this as the warm, snuggly blanket you wrap around yourself on the couch on a chilly night. It’s a special, at-home treatment you wouldn’t walk around with! Many women see their skin turn dry and flaky as the winter gets colder, and it can’t always be fought with your regular moisturiser. Work a hydrating treatment mask into your routine once or twice a week and see the benefits right away.

Is a fancy serum the equivalent of a (faux) fur jacket?

Lastly… well, I’m running out of cold weather similes but if you really want to treat your skin and prevent it drying out, you can look to invest in a serum. Dehydrated skin isn’t just a pain to look at, but can age your skin too – a good serum will hold this off. The secret ingredient to look for is hyaluronic acid, or sodium hyaluronate. Sounds a little scary, but hyaluronic acid attracts water molecules at a crazy rate and, paired with your moisturiser, keeps all that water locked in there. Serums can be expensive, but they’re a bonus step before bed that will make a real difference in the long term.

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