How to Wear Purple Makeup

I think the sentence I said aloud most between the ages of three and eight would have to be “purple is my favourite colour”. Even at that age, I was too eager to be different to really get into pink, and also talkative enough to seriously tell anyone who’d listen. Some years have passed since then, but here I am, saying it again: purple is still my favourite colour.

It’s the colour of Prince and Jimi Hendrix and royalty, and a particular shade of it is Pantone’s colour of the year: radiant orchid. I don’t think purple ever really left us, but it’s definitely having a moment in the sun. One of my all-time favourite lipsticks is a bright, vivid purple, but today I’ve got it on my eyes. I think it’s a great colour to play around with, makeup wise. It blends beautifully with greys, contrasts with golds, and in the right shade, will suit anyone.

This is a dress and this is a sweater and they are both purple and really cute. The sweater is 72% off! That is insane and I’m into it. I think it needs to go with black jeans and chelsea boots, and a black coat with a big collar. I feel like sweater dresses are an excellent trick: there is nothing warmer or more comfy, but you can wear them to work. Very sneaky.

So here is my face with some purple eye makeup on it. I kept my base pretty minimal, with lightly defined brows and bronzer rather than blush. This was just what I felt like doing, but I actually really like the orangey cheeks with the purple eyes. Little bit of contrast never hurt. This eye look was really quick and easy, because it relied almost entirely on two cream shadow sticks. I really just had to draw the colour where I wanted it, and blend with a fluffy brush. More and more brands are coming out with this format of eye shadow, and I’m very pleased.

Since I had two to work with, I put the mauvey, pale purple over my entire lid, and the darker, grape colour on the outer third of my eye, and through the crease. This is a great way to make eyes appear wider and more open – since dark colours visually recede, and light colours move forward, you’re emphasising the inside of your eye in a way that I find really flattering. I also ran the lighter colour along my lower lash line, just to make it a bit more fun. I didn’t use an eyeliner here, so I thought I could afford to go a bit harder with the shadows. Some black mascara, and I was all set.

Here’s my face a little closer up so you can see what I mean about the two colours. As ever with eye shadow, the trick is to blend more than you think you have to – windshield-wiper motions through your crease, and small circles on your lid.

I’m really happy with how this came out! With a winged liner, it could be a great night look, but I think as it is, it’s a nice low-key nod to the objectively proven best colour: PURPLE. Give it a go, and let me know how you got on in the comments.


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