Summer Style and Beauty Basics


I’m on my feet at work all day, and we have a dress code, so I can’t wear comfortable running shoes. I bought a pair of sensible, comfortable black flats when I started the job, but they have long since disintegrated. When it came time to accept I needed to replace them, I went straight to the Ezibuy shoe section. Why? Because Ezibuy carries Next, an affordable and high quality brand that makes shoes I can trust. Next was a brand I hadn’t heard of before I spent time in the UK and discovered their solid reputation.


I sorted myself right out with these Brogue Bump Toe Ballerina flats.  Black on black goes with everything, and the brogue detailing on the toe and heel is timeless. Paired with the fact these are made with genuine leather and have a moulded sole, I know they’ll last me a good long time.

You can see the cushioning under the ball of the foot in the photo above. Why don’t all shoes have this?!

Now that I had my wardrobe sorted with a key, classic footwear piece, it got me thinking about what the essential beauty basics are. What products are timeless, classic, will go with everything and last you a good long time?


The big three for me are foundation, concealer, and blush. (Plus mascara, but that doesn’t fit the criteria of lasting you a long time. Did you know you’re meant to throw out your mascara after three months? It’s a breeding ground for bacteria!)

These are the things I’d recommend for someone starting out with makeup, and that are always useful to have.

You may not wear foundation every day – I don’t! But whether I’m wearing it to work or for a special occasion, having an even coverage of base makeup is an important starting point for everything else. I use a full coverage foundation to cover up a lot of redness and scarring in my cheeks, but if you’ve got clearer skin, there are lighter options. With so many options available out there it may seem overwhelming. Bear in mind your skin type and coverage preference, and that will help narrow it down.

While my foundation does a great job of covering redness, it can leave something to be desired when it comes to spots. Pimples aren’t just for teenagers, and many women find themselves with blemishes well past their teens. It’s normal, and often hormonal, so while taking care of your skin is important, there may be some pimples you just can’t avoid. Here’s where concealer comes in! For spots, pick a creamy concealer in the same shade as your foundation or natural skin tone. Apply it with a clean finger or brush every time and avoid double dipping, unless you want to introduce bacteria to your concealer pot.

You can also use a thinner concealer to conceal under-eye circles. This is where it gets the most use on my face! For this type of concealer you can either match it to your skin tone or go one shade lighter, if you want to brighten up the under eye area. This is a really useful technique for women with dark undereye circles or bags. A dab of concealer at the outer corner of your eye can help lift their appearance, too.

Blush is my favourite of the three, just because it’s so fun. Blush comes in every shade of the rainbow – well, from purple to orange at least. If you’re not sure what blusher colour to go for, look for something that matches the shade your cheeks turn when you flush or after exercise. Alternatively, a neutral plum pink or peach pink can look natural and both are versatile to go with the makeup on the rest of your face.

Blush is extra important if you’re wearing foundation and concealer already. It brings life back into your face, so you’re not just a flat canvas!

Next on my list for essential footwear basics are these Next Mini Loafers. Aren’t they gorgeous?

What are your beauty essentials?

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