Smashbox Makeup - Shelley
Smashbox Makeup - Shelley

Styling Session: Shelley’s Makeup Look

Smashbox Makeup - Shelley
Smashbox Makeup

Makeup can play a key role in your look and how you feel. Shelley was left feeling fantastic after her EziBuy Styling Session. Want to try out Shelley’s look from her Styling Session?

Senior Artist on the Pro Team for Smashbox Cosmetics, Grayson Coutts let us know how to get the makeup look.

“I really wanted to create a polished, but not overdone look for her, to bring out her natural features and boost her confidence. The focus was on fast, simple and natural makeup that she would be able to recreate on a daily basis”

Key Products:

Halo Mineral Powder – just twist the shaver, swirl the brush into the powder and apply to face.

Eyeshadow Trio in Cover Shoot – long lasting with the colours working perfectly together. Apply the darkest colour of the eyeshadow to the crease and outer corner of the eye. Carefully blend in the medium colour inbetween your lash and the crease and finish off with the lightest colour blended from the crease to the eyebrow. Careful does it, you don’t want to over do this step.

Brow Tech Matte Pencil Brunette – with an ultra fine point it allows you to mimic your real brows. Fill in spareness by using soft, feathery strokes that will define your natural arch. Remember to use the spoolie brush to distribute the colour evenly.

Be Legendary Gloss in Rosette – leaving you feeling fantastic, the Rosette colour is stunning to wear and vibrant to look at. Just apply with a swipe and you’re ready.

Do you think you’ll try out this makeup look? Let us know in the comments below.

Smashbox Makeup - Shelley

Smashbox Makeup - Shelley

Smashbox Makeup - Shelley

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