Striking Make-up for Work

Most of us spend most of our waking hours in some kind of employment: whether you’re in an office, a store, or chasing your own kids every day (self-employing yourself as a mother definitely counts, and is the most thankless employment there is!) This post is for you if your job requires you to be in business attire, or at least expects you to look moderately fancy, modest, and often the standard is all-black.

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Some of my all-black EziBuy workwear picks are above: the Sara Blazer, Emerge Suiting Tiered Skirt, and Sara Lined Blazer.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good power suit (and I love to wear black) but there’s often something lacking. If you’re meeting your dress code clothing-wise, but want to push it a little bit and express yourself… this is where fun lipstick comes in.


I do not have any fun lipstick on in this picture. People would probably walk straight past me without a second glance, right? You’re looking boring, Morgan. You’ve got a well-fitting blazer and a modest roll-neck on, but your lips are the same colour as the rest of your face. You’re not exciting. You don’t feel empowered. (That might explain the hesitant expression on my face). It’s time to do something about this.


Pretend it’s entirely reasonable for me to be trying on lipsticks, in business attire, on a residential path. What about the one I’m holding? Let’s take a closer look.


Bam! Red lip. Now I’m sassy, I’m in charge, I’m getting things done. Harriet has written about red lipstick on the Ezibuy blog before, so I won’t drag on about it, but finding your perfect red is a truly empowering moment.

Or if red’s not your thing…


What about bright pink? Some people might feel that bright pink is not ‘work appropriate’. Let me tell you now, if you put on a lipstick and wear it to work, it’s ‘work appropriate’. Is there something menacing about a vibrant colour that somehow threatens productivity? I just can’t understand why expressing yourself through your make-up should affect how you work.

The way to solve this is to wear whatever lipstick you want, and work it. Smile. Be bold. Be attention-grabbing. If you’re in a board-room selling your idea, or in a store and selling a dress, the confidence you gain from wearing your favourite lipstick should make all the difference.

Get more beauty inspiration from Morgan at her blog, Hyacinth Girl.

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