Pink Wardrobe and Beauty Ideas


Spring is here, and so is the newest Ezibuy spring catalogue. I’ve been flipping through the pages looking for some beauty inspiration and spotted more than a few rosy pink lips popping up on the models. What a nice way to add a little life into your look after so many dreary months of winter! (To be fair, it is raining today, but we can always dream, right?)

Emerge floral bomber jacket; Grace Hill statement shift; Emerge zip detail jacket

I especially like how the pink lip on the model wearing the Grace Hill shift matches the bright orchid on the dress itself. There are a lot of shades of pink out there, so a good tip is to choose a tone that will be reflected elsewhere in your outfit.


If you’re blonde, you’ll be able to choose a paler pink than ladies with darker hair. For those with bronze or olive skin tones, you can go for a bold fuchsia without looking too shocking. There are also plenty of muted pinks or sheer balms out there if you’re not ready to take a bold step yet.


My favourite tip for wearing a bright pink lip is to keep the rest of your makeup simple and neutral. Choose a natural blush, or something with similar undertones to your chosen lipstick. I like to wear a bronze-y blush in spring, to get into a sunshiny mood.


I’ve paired the bright pink pictured in the middle of this photo (by Uslu Airlines) with a pale shimmery eyeshadow to brighten up and balance the face.


Here’s the look! Keeping the rest of your face neutral but bright gives a fresh look perfect for springtime. What’s your favourite way to wear pink?

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