3 Makeup Essentials - moisturiser, mascara and mineral makeup
3 Makeup Essentials - moisturiser, mascara and mineral makeup

3 Must-Have Makeup Essentials for your Cosmetics Bag

3 Makeup Essentials - moisturiser, mascara and mineral makeup
The Three Makeup Essentials: moisturiser, mascara and mineral makeup

Everyday we see new makeup products appear that tempt us – makeup, moisturisers, hair serums, exfoliators… the list goes on.

While most of them have their merit, we can’t always justify spending money on new makeup products and potions. So, if you had to have just three essential things in your cosmetic case, what would they be?

True essentials are of course likely to be different for everyone, but there are some basics that you just wouldn’t want to be without. I’ve picked out three of the items that I think are absolute must-haves for your make-up bag. If you have these items right, then you’ll be set for any situation, as they can make or break any look!

Popular Makeup product - Moisturiser: ORIGINS GinZing Moisturiser
Popular Moisturiser: ORIGINS GinZing Moisturiser

A quality moisturiser
Moisturisers are designed to lock moisture in your skin so that it doesn’t dry out. It’s best to find one that suits your skin type – you don’t want one that’s too heavy or greasy so that it blocks pores or leads to breakouts.

Look for labels that have ‘oil-free’ or ‘non-comedogenic’, which basically translates as ‘won’t clog your pores!’. If you’re prone to dryness, you may need something that’s a little heavier to keep your skin supple. My advice is to also find one that incorporates an SPF for daily protection against sun damage. With this, you may find that a tinted moisturiser is also a handy alternative on those days that you don’t want to wear a full-face of make-up. A tinted moisturiser will give natural coverage, without the look and feel of heavier make-up.

A good quality moisturiser will also perfectly prep your skin for applying make-up so that it goes on smooth and even. After washing your face, smooth moisturiser all over your face and neck. Let it sit and dry for a moment before applying any make up. Choose a moisturiser that can also double as your night-time skincare. Wash your face before bed, then again, smooth over your moisturiser and you’ll wake up with nourished, supple skin.

Shop moisturisers over at Mecca Cosmetics (NZ/AU)

Mineral make-up
If you’re a fan of natural and effortless make-up, then mineral make-up is ideal for you and will be all you need for a whole range of situations, from daywear to ‘made-up’ looks. When applied correctly, your mineral make-up will give you great coverage with an even, flawless, perfectly blended appearance. It also doesn’t settle into those fine lines on our face in the same way that other heavier foundations do, so doesn’t highlight those little imperfections in the same way.

Mineral makeup is made from minerals such as mica, titanium, dioxide and zinc oxide, so is generally better for your skin than other foundation formulations. You’ll often find products that also have a sun protection factor, so when combined with your moisturiser or daily sunscreen, they will help protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays.

Because it suits most skin types, it’s also a good option for acne-prone skin or those with sensitivities. Its mineral properties mean it is generally non-irritating, won’t clog your pores (there’s that non-comedogenic word again), and allows your skin to breathe. It’s hard to go wrong with the application of mineral makeup, so it’s ideal to keep in your handbag so you can easily touch up throughout the day if needed.

A lengthening mascara
I don’t know about you, but I feel somewhat naked if I leave the house without mascara on! Long, thick lashes are a must in my book; they can change your look even with barely another scrap of makeup on your face! A layer of mascara is such a simple and low-maintenance way to give your look an instant lift. It lengthens, thickens and separates lashes. Start with just your top lashes, or if you want something a little more dramatic, add a coat the bottom lashes too. An eyelash curler won’t go astray here too, to give them a little extra lift!

If you travel or spend a bit of time on the road, these three products will get you through, without having to take your whole bathroom cabinet with you! You will of course need a cute and compact travel cosmetic case for your bag. When it comes to keeping my personal items and accessories organised, I love the new 3-piece set from Ezibuy that keeps everything together, not to mention it’s super cute.

So, who agrees with me? Or do you have a different list of top-three must-haves? Would love to know what your essential items are. Let us know in the comments below.

Looking to make a welcome addition to go with your cosmetic case? Shop our cute 3 Pack Travel Set.
Looking to make a welcome addition to go with your cosmetic case? Shop our cute 3 Pack Travel Set.

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