Grey Hair Trends
Grey Hair Trends

Hair Trends for Winter 2017 – What’s New?

Hair Trends: From styling to colours to cuts, we love that hair becomes as much about expressing our own sense of style as our clothes do.

In fact, our hair plays a huge part in really completing the overall look you are trying to pull off. We’ve already assimilated words like balyage and ombre into our hair vocabulary, so what will 2017 hair trends have in store for us?

Blorange, bronde and eclipting might just become the latest buzzwords on every hair salon chair.

If you’re updating your wardrobe with the latest fashion trends this season, then it’s just as important that you check out these five top tips for styling your hair this winter.

Blorange Hair
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Curious colour mixes

If you have fair hair, a colour mix to experiment this year will be what’s been termed ‘blorange’. It’s probably not too hard to figure this one out – it will see orange shades being blended with blonde hues to create a perfectly balanced colour between blonde and ginger.

Bronde is another term you’ll want to drop in next time you’re in the salon hot seat (if it’s not already a part of your vernacular). This is hair that is a rich chocolate in the shadow but, when the light catches it, sparkles with blonde highlights.

Shades of grey

A hybrid of blonde and grey is a striking statement (and a welcome compromise for those of us with more than a few sparkly strands), add in darker roots and you’ll be rocking one of this season’s signature looks. In fact, 2017 is your year to let nature have its way. That’s right, there are even some ladies out there who are dying there hair grey – so embrace your greys and let those silver strands shine.

If you have darker hair and you’re not quite ready to go full grey, ease yourself into the transition with an ash brown. The blue-grey base of the colour helps create an ash effect without the commitment of completely going grey.

Hair Trends for Winter 2017 - Grey Hair

Parting ways

The cooler the weather, the deeper your side part! A precise side part is a chic and stylish look, whether you opt for hair down, or hair up in a chignon or pony (which will be going low this season).

If you need to create a little more volume around your face, stick with a centre part instead. Wear your hair long (ethereal ultra-long is another hot trend for winter), and create cascading waves with volume and texture. This look also works perfectly with a beret or beanie – without having to worry too much about hat-hair taking effect!

Total eclipse of the hair

Freehand highlights have played a big part in colour trends over the last year, but the latest popular process is called eclipting. This involves having a darker base then adding highlights in specific sections that play to the shape of the hair while also helping to contour the face.

Healthy hair

Healthy locks are always on trend, and our hair needs special attention over the winter months. Hats, beanies and berets can help protect our hair from rain and wind, but can also lead to static and frizz. Make sure water isn’t too hot when you wash your hair, and regularly apply a leave-in conditioner to help replenish moisture that may be stripped out during the colder months. We tend to spend more time drying our hair in winter, rather than leaving it to dry naturally. Invest in a good heat-protection serum and apply regularly before blow drying or using heat styling tools.

Just like clothes, makeup and accessories, our hair trends change with the seasons too. While feeling confident is always top priority, it can be fun to experiment with different styles and colours as these trends change!

Are you game for a change this year? Will you try out one of these hair trends?



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