Get the latest Hair Trends: the tousled look

Hair Trends for Summer

Get the latest Hair Trends: the loose pony tail

When summer rolls round we generally envisage perfectly tousled beachy waves, slick ponytails and golden hues. But the reality? A frizzy mop, a desperate topknot to escape the heat and hair that’s become a casualty of chlorine!

What we need are quick fix solutions that look like we’ve spent the time, but in reality are simple to do, and last all day long. So, your mission this summer – avoid those summer hair disasters by checking out these top three hair trends for summer.

  1. The beautiful braid
    Braids have made a comeback in a big way, and there’s no better time to test your plaiting skills than in summer. There are so many ways to work this one – soft and loose boho braids, or slick and sassy in a fishtail. If you find it too difficult to perfect a braid yourself, try the twirl instead. Simply divide your ponytail in two and then twist those two sections around each other.
  2. The wavy pony
    It doesn’t matter what season it is, a pony is every woman’s go-to. Get your hair out of your face this summer with a wavy pony. Start by creating beachy waves using heated styling tools and spritz with sea salt spray. Tie high towards the back of your head, and loosen slightly so that its softer around your face.
  3. The loose knot
    Embrace the body that summer heat imparts on your hair and control a wild wavy mane with a stylish messy bun. It’s perfect for second-day-hair or if you want to head straight out from the beach! All you need is an elastic and a few bobby pins to secure your hair in place. Pull out a few strands around your face to keep the look soft.

Bonus tips:
● The easiest way to always have on trend hair is to first make sure your haircut flatters your face. Head to a good salon once, ask them what they think would suit you, get it cut that way, see if you like it, take a picture, then maintain the look you love by referring back to your salon perfect hair!
● Make sure you discuss a style that fits in with your lifestyle. A wake up, wash and go style, or one you need to spend a little more time on with product and a hair dryer. Remember that in summer, you often want to ditch the hair dryer to let your hair dry naturally.
● Let’s be honest, the humid weather wreaks enough havoc on our hair without throwing in a sleepless night tossing around in the heat. Sleep on silk – its smooth texture won’t rough up your hair cuticle the way a cotton pillowcase does. Less knots to brush out and no more crazy birds’ nests? That’s the dream!
● Keep your hair clean – You’ve probably been told time and time again to not shampoo your hair too often, preserve its natural oils. However, living in a city and dealing with pollution, humidity, or even if you work out daily – you need to wash your hair.

Still undecided about what hair trends to try out over the coming months? Decide on your outfit first, and let this be a guide as to what you do with your hair. Check out your favourite websites, gather inspiration while online shopping. Put some time aside to have a play with your locks and you’ll find out in no time what works and what you like. We hope you liked reading our hair trends for Summer!

Get the latest Hair Trends: the tousled look

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