How to fake a sunkissed face


It’s summer, your regular makeup doesn’t look right, and you’re super tempted to lay out in the sun to get a bit of a golden glow. Don’t do it! I’ve talked about the necessity of sunscreen already, but what if you still want to look like you’ve seen some sun? Here are my tips for maximising a convincing sunkissed appearance without the permanent damage and risk of melanoma.


Tanned skin makes this summer’s pastel trends really pop. These mint and soft pink favourites will really stand out against a warm, golden skintone.


If you’re wearing a high SPF every day like you should, your skintone won’t be much different to what it is the rest of the year. You could take the fake tan route, but it’s a bit scary for me, especially on the face. I’ve found there are a few gradual tanners that you apply in the morning like moisturiser, which help to give your base a bit of a bronze boost. This gives a much more natural result than switching to a darker foundation.


Swap blush for bronzer

Most of the year, the bronzer on my face is strictly matte and used for a bit of contouring, nothing else. In summer, however, I like to swap out the matte brown for a bit of shimmer, and use a bronzer on my cheeks instead of a pink blusher. This still enhances the contours of my face. By dusting a bronzer over the high points of the face, instead of the shadows, it looks like those parts have seen some sun.


Pack on the highlighter

On top of your bronzer, now’s a good time to dial up your highlighter. If you don’t have a dedicated highlighting product, you can just use a shimmery, neutral eyeshadow in a golden or creamy shade, as long as it’s lighter than your base skintone. Dust this along the very high points of the face, including cheekbones, browbone, cupid’s bow and down the centre of the nose. (I skip the nose because mine’s big enough as it is – I don’t need to draw more attention to it!)

Highlighting will make your skin look radiant, and it can give your skin the look of dewiness (the glamorous little sister of sweatiness).


Give yourself some freckles

This last tip is a bit of fun, and it’s something that I still don’t have a complete handle on. With some brands selling dedicated ‘freckle pencils’, however, it’s a trend that’s worth trying out. I used a taupe eyebrow pencil to draw on my freckles, although a brown eyeliner would work just as well. Dot them on in a haphazard manner across the nose, cheeks and forehead.

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