Easy as raspberry pie: the berry lip trend

There are no rules when it comes to lipstick, but a chilly autumn does make it easy to pull out your darker hued lipsticks. This winter, berry-toned lips are a big trend, so I thought I’d play around with my lip products and put a look together that makes the trend easy to wear. I’ve just got a new sweater in a gorgeous pale blue shade, which pairs well with deep berry colours. It’s also a good lip to pair with cobalt and heather grey.

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If you read my blog at all, you’ll be aware I have no shortage of lipsticks in essentially every colour of the rainbow, but I know it’s unreasonable to assume that everyone is like me. That got me thinking about blending shades to make a custom colour, and I really like how it has turned out.

I also want to acknowledge that my skin isn’t looking great at the moment: I had a bad reaction to a new skincare product, so I’m taking my own advice and going back to basics, and crossing my fingers that it clears up soon.


What I’ve got on my lips here is just a combination of two lip pencils: red and magenta. I really like using lip liner to fill in my whole lips, whether or not I’m putting lipstick over the top, as it gives you a good opaque base and makes your colour last longer. If you’ve got a busy day ahead of you, you don’t want to be stressing about what’s on your lips! I’ve also found that when you use lip liner as a lip colour, it’s less likely to smudge and get on your teeth and all that nonsense.

Another awesome thing about using lip liner is that you can blend colours to suit your tastes. If you know that you look better in browner tones, try mixing a red liner with a brown to blend a duller berry shade.


Now blot! It’s pretty much impossible to take a photo of yourself blotting your lipstick without looking like an egg. Blotting helps to take off excess pigment, so if you want to tone down the look a bit, definitely don’t leave this step out.


In the interests of wearability, I topped this look off with a nude gloss. Again, it tones it down slightly, so if you’re into a really bold and bright lip then by all means go all out!

One thing that’s really great about this trend is that you can pursue it in lots of different directions: strawberry red, deep raspberry, or even blackberry if you’re feeling super bold.

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